Essential Oils | Our Story

I have always been conscious about my family's health and how many icky chemicals we are exposed to.  It started back when Mark and I first got married (even back further into college) and I really began to research organic foods and whether/if they were better for us than conventional foods.  I spent hours looking into it and thus began my passion for clean eating.  

It took years before I truly understood "clean" eating and all that it encompassed- organic, gmo-free, hormone-free, msg-free, etc.  I started to mill my own wheat and make my own breads.  I even make my own granola bars from time to time.  It was overwhelming at first, but I took it one day and one decision at a time.

Clean eating led into making my own baby food and then into cloth diapering.  I didn't use cloth with our first, because it wasn't even on my radar, but I used them daily with Liam and Guinnyth.  There was also a learning curve with that, but I took it slow and did a lot of research.  I found that it wasn't as hard, or intimidating, as I had originally thought. 

The past few years, I've read articles on essential oils.  I shied away because it, too, seemed so daunting and like a lot to learn.  I felt like I had too much on my plate to add another task to tackle.  Finally, there came a time when I was prepared to explore a little more and I bought my first few oils- Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon.  I tried two different brands and found one that I loved. 

I settled on Young Living for many reasons, but a few of the high points are:

+They worked better and I noticed a huge difference in the quality (I wasn't expecting to notice a difference at all, so I was a bit shocked by this!). 
+I like knowing exactly where my products come from and how they are made.
+I wanted a company that had a lot of experience with oils and was an expert in the field of essential oils.

We, personally, use our oils daily.  It has become part of our lifestyle and has been such a great addition to our natural lifestyle.  I started a website for our oils and invite you to check it out.  It is simple to navigate and has some basic information that is a great place to start.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  I am sharing this for that reason- to help you navigate the "oily" waters.  It is all about small steps now to get where you want to be later.  That is how our family has done it- one step at a time.  

I was such a skeptic and didn't want to invest the money, so I started small.  As we experienced results, I was sold that these oils do, in fact, have a place in our home.  I plan on sharing a few testimonials of ours in the future and how, specifically, we use oils in our home.  If you are still struggling with how to fit oils into your family, here is a good article that is simple to understand and sums up my opinion on the matter of medicine vs. oils.  

Visit my website to find more information!

Home | Simplicity

Spring is here.  I see signs of it everywhere.  There are flowers (also known as weeds) popping up in amongst the greening grass.  The doors and windows are thrown wide open in order to let in the fresh air.  The days are slowly getting longer and the kids are needing baths on an everyday basis due to the excessive dirt-play they have been engaging in.  Plans begin to be made concerning vacations and outside activities, namely a fire pit we have been talking about for a couple of years.  

Along with all the lovely signs of spring, I get the urge to simplify.  Coats and boots are put away and the closet fills with less cumbersome footwear.  The house is brighter than it has been in months and I start to want to purge all the non-necessities.  I have closets listed to pare down and projects on sticky notes for Mark to tackle.  It is such a refreshing season.  There is so much newness and life going on. 

Allergies have been kicked into full gear in our house.  Poor Guinnyth (and, myself included) can't seem to escape them.  I concocted a mixture of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils (I am a firm and dedicated user of Young Living only) that have kicked my allergies and greatly reduced the effects of Guinnyth's.  It has been such a joy to pitch all of the medicines and to add in a more natural way to treat our ailments.  It feels good, and even a bit simple, to help our bodies become more equipped to handle these issues.  You can always follow along with our journey on our website and on our facebook page.

Simplicity feels good.  It feels right for our family.  We aren't made satisfied in busyness.  We like to sit and soak up our days.  We like to be home and make memories on our 3 acres.  It can sometimes be a struggle to fend off the pull to have a full schedule, but we have reaped the sweetness of slow and simple far too many times to ignore it.  Simple isn't boring.  It's making sure there's enough room to fit in the good stuff.

Recipe | Healthy Honey Cheerios

A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram that I had made homemade Honey Cheerios for the kids.  My kiddos absolutely love that cereal, but I did not like all the yucky ingredients the box listed, so I decided to try my hand at recipe making.  I was so excited that it turned out great!  

There are only a few ingredients and those ingredients are some I am fine with my kids eating in moderation.  I hope you will try this recipe and let me know what you think of it!!! 

1 Bag of Nature's Path Cheerios (they have minimal ingredients and all are organic)
1/4 cup Coconut Palm Sugar
1/4 cup Raw Honey
2 Tbsp Real Maple Syrup
2 Tbsp Butter
1 tsp Salt

Pour the cereal into a large bowl.  Combine the last 5 ingredients in a small sauce pan and heat while stirring.  Once they are all combined and the sugar is dissolved, pour over the cheerios and mix.  Mix until the cereal is coated evenly.  Dump cereal onto a cookie sheet and place in a preheated oven (200 degrees).  Allow to bake for 30 to 60 minutes.  Once cooked, remove and allow to cool on cookie sheet.  Break the cereal apart and place in a storage container.  You are done! 

Motherhood | The Calling

When I get asked about advice for new/young mamas, I could seriously write a book about all that I have learned over the last seven years of motherhood.  I could list the do's and don'ts, give them a run down about how to get their sweet babe sleeping through the night, and even teach them a thing, or two, about nursing a sleepy newborn.  

There are a lot of tools, and knowledge, that I have packed away in my mommy-hood arsenal.  It is a treasure that I hold on to from years of trial and error.  But, that's not what I tell those mamas.  I don't list out all the "best ways" for them to mother their child.  I simply encourage them to actually mother them.   

Motherhood, no matter how difficult, is a rare gift.  Just ask the sweet woman who has been trying for years to conceive.  I bet she will tell you to smile at every moment you are given with your children.  It is a gift- not a burden.  Motherhood is special- not a mere break you take from the workforce.  I feel that it is the highest calling.  It requires a unique skill set to accomplish- patience, kindness, dying to self, energy when there is none to be had, and even the ability to be on call at all hours of the day or night- for years.

I tell young mothers to take it one day at a time.  Sometimes, even one moment at a time.  Search for the goodness.  It's in there, I promise.  Be patient on the Lord to do a good work in you.  He has already begun one.  He promises that the work He started will find completion.  You are a part of His army.  And, when you find yourself doubting about your calling, trust me in this- you are on the side that wins!  

Style | Curling Wand Tutorial

This is a sponsored post.  I received products from Irresistible Me in exchange for my opinion.  All statements and thoughts are my own.

Ever since I was very young I have loved all things makeup and hair.  I would wake up early as a high schooler just so I could spend an hour blowing my hair out in hopes that it would be pencil straight.  Let me just be clear, my hair never wound up stick straight.  So, when the flat iron walked into my life, I was beyond excited!

As with all trends, gone are the days of straight hair, and now are the days of messy waves.  I am elated about the trend and enjoy not spending over an hour fixing my hair.  So, for those of you with naturally straight hair who want those messy curls, stick around... I'm about to make your day!  

Just like the flat iron helped me attain those straight locks, the curling wand will help you get those effortless curls!  I was asked to try out Irresistible Me's Sapphire Curling Wand, and I am excited to show you how you can use this on your hair- long or short!  If you rather create these curls with your flat iron, I showed you how I do mine in this video.

You might feel like a complete amateur using the glove, but I absolutely recommend it until you get the hang of things.  A few tips to help you get the "Messy Curls" you are hoping for:

+ Try to always have the wand pointing downwards when you curl.  Once the curl is set, just let the ends of your hair go and the curl will fall off of the wand.  There is no reason to wind and unwind the wand.  

+ Curl your locks away from your face.  I prefer to have my hair out of my face and I think it's more flattering to have the curls going outwards.

+ Use the glove and a heat protectant spray.