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Spring is here.  I see signs of it everywhere.  There are flowers (also known as weeds) popping up in amongst the greening grass.  The doors and windows are thrown wide open in order to let in the fresh air.  The days are slowly getting longer and the kids are needing baths on an everyday basis due to the excessive dirt-play they have been engaging in.  Plans begin to be made concerning vacations and outside activities, namely a fire pit we have been talking about for a couple of years.  

Along with all the lovely signs of spring, I get the urge to simplify.  Coats and boots are put away and the closet fills with less cumbersome footwear.  The house is brighter than it has been in months and I start to want to purge all the non-necessities.  I have closets listed to pare down and projects on sticky notes for Mark to tackle.  It is such a refreshing season.  There is so much newness and life going on. 

Allergies have been kicked into full gear in our house.  Poor Guinnyth (and, myself included) can't seem to escape them.  I concocted a mixture of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils (I am a firm and dedicated user of Young Living only) that have kicked my allergies and greatly reduced the effects of Guinnyth's.  It has been such a joy to pitch all of the medicines and to add in a more natural way to treat our ailments.  It feels good, and even a bit simple, to help our bodies become more equipped to handle these issues.  You can always follow along with our journey on our website and on our facebook page.

Simplicity feels good.  It feels right for our family.  We aren't made satisfied in busyness.  We like to sit and soak up our days.  We like to be home and make memories on our 3 acres.  It can sometimes be a struggle to fend off the pull to have a full schedule, but we have reaped the sweetness of slow and simple far too many times to ignore it.  Simple isn't boring.  It's making sure there's enough room to fit in the good stuff.

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