Faith | Carrying Burdens

We are all human.  We will all experience raw, human emotions.  It can be painful.  It can be lasting- holding on for years.  I've been a prisoner to things that have happened long ago and caused me a tremendous amount of anger.  It is crippling and deafening.  At times, it's all I can see and all I can feel.  Anger has stripped me of common joy and left me feeling hopeless.

Recently, I reached out.  I humbled myself and confessed this weighty sin.  I have prayed over this situation for years, but have never been able to completely dig myself out of the hole.  With my husband's blessing, I sought counsel and opened my heart to hear what the Spirit was saying to me through another, God-fearing person.  It has been difficult and a lot of work, but I see freedom ahead and it tastes so good!

For so long, I sat in my anger and it felt really good.  I felt that I was being justified in my anger and I was content.  The thing with sin is that it can feel good for a time.  It can seem harmless and validating.  But, eventually, it rubs you raw.  The Spirit can't dwell where sin smothers it.

My heart wants to encourage you.  If there is something you have been hanging on to- anger, fear, jealousy, pride- I want to shove you into submission to the Holy Spirit.  Your sin will pollute you in so many ways.  Your soul vision will be impacted and you will no longer see clearly.  The freedom that is at the end of the long journey is so worth the time it takes to lay yourself down.

I would love to pray for you if you have something you need to lay down.  You can email me at thequickjourney (at) yahoo (dot) com. :)


  1. ahhh! i love your honesty here. life is such a process of growing, changing, confessing, seeking grace, and slowly little by little becoming more like Jesus. my new motto for life is to hold myself and those i love to a standard of grace and not perfection. love you!! XO

  2. Your transparency is so refreshing, Liz. God has blessed you with the ability to articulate what is in your heart so beautifully. You are a living, breathing example of what God can do in and through us when we submit fully and completely to Him