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I have had an abundance of requests for curriculum advice and scheduling input.  I thought I would start with a few summer goals I have for our family.  I want to enjoy summer.  Last year, I was very pregnant with our fourth and had a mountain of anticipation for her arrival, so I didn't cease the summer like I want to this year.

This past winter/spring semester we focused on hitting our workbooks hard so we could finish them.  I am a finish the workbooks kind of girl.  So, with that big push to complete our workbooks, I lost our Charlotte Mason rhythm.  I liked our CM rhythm. I'm bringing it back this summer.

+We are going to read the second book in the Narnia series.  We loved the first book and have started the second one, but we need to dedicate some snuggle on the king sized bed and read time.  The kids have been begging for me to read it and I keep putting it off because we have other things that my mind deems more important to do.  Narnia... we're coming at'cha!  I will also be more diligent about sitting with the little girls and reading their books to them.  They mainly tag along with whatever book I am reading to the big kids, but this summer I am dedicating time to their books, as well.

+I am going to teach Ella to cook/bake a few recipes all on her own.  This might seem like a lot for a seven year old, but she loves to cook and I think after a few lessons with me she will be great.  I plan to help her learn how to make pancake batter ( I will cook the pancakes).  Mornings are my favorite time of the day, but since I like to have a warm breakfast most days, it can seem rushed if I don't get my lazy bootie up in time to prep.  Ella making the batter will help a lot.  Another recipe I will enlist her to make is Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I have a tried+true recipe that we love and it is easy, so I think she can handle it, as well.

+I have been the world's worst mama when it comes to taking my kids to the pool.  I have either been 8/9 months pregnant or with a young baby, so I haven't spent much time at the pool with my kiddos aside from swimming lessons.  Ella can swim, so we bought Liam and Guinnyth life jackets over the past year for the pool.  They will all be in swimming lessons, so that will help them learn to swim, but when we're at the pool with other kiddos and my Julia, I want to make sure the middle two are safe.  I think that will help me to enjoy the pool a bit more.

+We are doing a summer program with Ella.  Liam can sit and help us, but it is mostly for her to do.  It sounds like so much fun and I am excited to start it.  You can check it out and enter to win a free registration fee ($199) here.

+I am determined to get flash cards out.  We do a little bit of flash card work, but I am marking it down as one of those things we will be doing this summer.  It's just one of those annoying tasks you have to do... kind of like taking out the trash.  Ugh.

So, those are a few of our summer goals.  I will be writing a curriculum post and a homeschool resource post for those of you interested.  Let me know if you have any specific questions so I can make sure to include those answers in my post.

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  1. The pool with little kids is HARD! I haven't braved it much by myself either. Our local pools don't allow floaties or life jackets of any kind so that makes it difficult with really little ones! My (little little) girls did swim lessons last summer, but it would still just make me nervous to try to have the both in there by myself with no life jackets on! I am hoping we can get a few pool days with daddy at least. It sounds like you guys have a fun summer planned! I am really looking forward to warmer weather and less of a schedule!