Weekend Links | Lately on Pinterest

It's almost summer, which means I have a few projects on my mind to complete.  The key to these projects is that they have to be cheap, easy, and quick to complete.  We don't budget for Pinterest projects, so they must be easy on the pocketbook.  I have limited talents when it comes to DIY, so they have to be easy (or, something I can pawn off on my better half).  I don't have many patience for DIYs, so they must be quick to complete.

So, here we go!

I would love a little set of rustic hooks like this in our foyer.  I think it's minimalist, while still having character.  Plus, it falls under the cheap, easy, and quick category!

As you know, I have been on a "minimalist" kick lately.  I am drawn to white walls and simple decor.  Ever since Mark and my mom painted our master bedroom last summer, I have wanted to switch out our bedside lighting.  Our current lamps are from the thrift store, spray painted, and topped with a Target lampshade.  We have had them for many years and I am ready for a little face lift.  I would love something simple like the lighting above- just a large, glass lightbulb would satisfy me. 

I would love a desk like this.  Now, this doesn't fall under the "Liz DIY" category, but rather one in which I toss the project to Mark and smile while batting my lashes.  I have skills, but they don't consist of desk making.  I love the rustic top.  We have a local fella who sells beautiful wood at a great price, so this wouldn't break the bank.  I am also really drawn to hairpin legs lately.  I just think it's a super interesting piece. 

My last little project is for Julia's nursery.  I created the perfect nursery when we had Guinnyth, but I want to change up the collage wall and make it a little more simple.  So, I thought hanging some of my favorite Instagram pictures of Julia and her siblings would be fun.  It is a great way to display pictures and doesn't take a lot of time or effort to execute.  Plus, it will cover many of the lovely nail holes I made during the hanging of the collage wall.  You can believe me when I say, there are a lot of holes.  Just close your eyes, honey. ;)

I would love to know what projects you are wanting to tackle.  I might have to steal a few and make them my own! 


  1. I love these! I want to do some hooks and some beadboard or board and batten in my main entry, finish building my bed (I only started it nearly 2 years ago!) and finish up trim around the built in bookcases in the office (Which I did 3 years ago and have tried to ignore since then)

  2. I recently purchased a ball of twine and tiny wooden clothespins from the Target Dollar bins- perfect to sting up across a wall and then attach art work, photos etc. with the cute little clothespins. Very budget friendly!