Weekend Links | What We're Jammin' To

So, we listen to a lot of music in this house.  Mark plays worship for our church and we regularly sit in a circle on the floor and sing worship songs while he practices.  I cannot tell you how much I love that he can play the guitar and sing.  It enriches our home life so, so much.  Way back when he was a freshman in college, he went to Christian Campus House and watched a dude play contemporary worship.  He had never been exposed to contemporary worship and he fell in love.  He mentioned to me that he wanted to learn to play guitar.  I, a high school senior, scrapped enough cash together to buy him his first guitar.  He still has that guitar and our kiddos will probably learn to strum using that guitar.  

I thought I would share a few songs that have been regulars in our home lately.  Some we listen to for pleasure, some to get our hearts pumping while we work out, and some for the simple reason that they move our hearts.  Take a listen...

I Give In:  I have been jamming to this song while I work out and even when I get ready in the mornings.

Touch the Sky:  Because it absolutely moves my heart and I'm trying to get Mark to work this one into the worship playlist.  

Cold is the Night:  I am doing a lot of work on myself right now and this song was gifted to me by one of my prayer warriors.  

After All:  I am a huge Crowder fan.  That's all.

There ya have it, folks.  Some of my faves right now.  I hope you have a great weekend!!! Muah!


  1. Jim leads worship at our church too- except he plays the piano :) I love it!

  2. How sweet! My husband used to play drums but he gave them to a young boy in our church who wanted to learn to play. I personally love Casting Crowns for worship. Luckily, our church sings their songs a lot. My favorite has to be "Glorious Day."

  3. I'm a big music person...and I'll have to give all of these a listen. I always feel like I'm on the search for good, new music! Thanks for sharing. :D