Home | Power of Paint

Ahhh... waking up to a clean slate is always so nice.  The sunlight pours in through our kitchen windows in the morning and it is glorious!  I mentioned in this post that I don't mind yellow in homes, I am just on a white kick and the walls needed to be painted anyway.  They were pretty dirty and my scrubbing wasn't cutting it, so paint not only created a calm, serene aesthetic, but it also helped make things a bit cleaner.  

This is our little breakfast area and we also do school here at the kitchen table.  The actual kitchen space got painted, as well, but we still need to do some updates, so I'll show you that later.  You can check out my pinterest board and see where I am going with the kitchen.  It shouldn't be too hard to figure it out. ;) 


  1. I'm on a white kick too. Adore it. Love your style and your space.

  2. We just painted all our ceilings white and finished painting our entry way white a few weeks ago. :) You have beautiful taste. I'm sure you have probably answered this questions a bazillion times, but I can't find the answer, and I just started following you. Where did you get those white chairs with the wooden legs?

    So thankful I just found your blog and all the beauty that comes along with it. :) -Kelli