Memories | Guinnyth's 3 Year Pictures

I have mentioned before that one way we cut costs is for me to take my kiddos' pictures.  There are certain things I have to be okay with when I do take my own pictures:

1. The pictures will not look like a professional photographer's pictures.  They just won't.  I have to be okay with them just looking "good" and not looking "wow!"
2. My equipment will show how outdated it is when I try to take pictures that I intend to be 'tack' sharp.  My pictures will have some flaw to them and the camera and lens won't be able to be as crisp as I'd like them to be, but that's okay on occasions like these.
3. My inexperience with editing will also show.  I have Lightroom and know how to use it... minimally.  There's only so much you can do with Lightroom, and with how little I utilize it, my knowledge is just "so-so".

Even with all of these factors in play, I continue to enjoy taking my kids' pictures.  This weekend, I took Guinnyth out to take pictures.  I only have certain times in the day to snap some shots and usually it is exactly when I should NOT be taking pictures- full sun!!!  I had a few places in mind that were shaded and I went with those.

Now, for the best part... my sweet Guinnyth.  She is such a bright light in our home and has so much spunk.  She has such an adorable smile and I can't believe she's 3!  Gee.... time can slow down anytime!


  1. Sure do miss that big smile!!! Thanks for sharing this milestone with us. :D Sending hugs your way.

  2. Wow! I seriously can't believe that she is 3! Crazy! Second to last is my favorite :) :)