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Here we are almost to Christmas and I'm way behind on our homeschool update.  I have received so many emails asking about our schedule and curriculum and, to be quite frank, I have been pretty lazy about blogging about it.  At the end of our last school year I knew I wanted to make some changes in the way we approach our schooling, but with our move and my nervousness to stray from the well-beaten path, I stuck with the same ol' routine when we started our year this past August.

Since then, I have felt more equipped to switch things up and so we have.  Prior to this year, we did quite a bit of workbook activity and not a lot of creative activity.  I have kids who love art and they love creative play/work, so I was wanting to ease our way into a more creative school atmosphere.

We are still keeping up with our workbooks, but I have incorporated art lessons into our reading time and it has completely changed the "feeling" of our homeschool environment.  I know it looks different for every homeschooling family, but this seems to be the rhythm that works for us in regards to our school time.  I will be sure to outline our narration/illustration rhythm in a later post, if you want. 

Lately, this seems to be the flow of our school day.  It is fairly rigid, but doesn't seem stiff and forced (is that even possible???).  I like to stay on task and keep our school moving along, so there isn't a lot of time-wasting that happens.  But, there is time for conversation and organic learning.

7 am: Breakfast + getting dressed + making beds
8 am: Kids go outside to burn energy + fresh air
8:30 am: School begins with morning workbooks
   8:45 am: Ella begins Spelling + Cursive + her first 30 min. reading time
Liam and I do his phonics + math work
9:45 am: Ella starts her Language pages + Copywork
Liam reads to me + math flashcards
10:15 am: We have snack and Liam & Guinnyth go play.
Julia plays in her crib for a bit.
Ella and I do her Math lesson and then she works 
on her workbook page independently.
10:45 am:  The kids take a quick break outside.
11:00 am: Ella starts her second 30 min. reading time
I play with the other 3 kids while Ella reads.
11:30 am: Ella narrates to me and decides on her project piece
 (This is usually on Monday.  I will outline this process later.)
11:45 am: Ella works on her Art/Illustration/Narration project while I get lunch prepared.
Noon: The kids eat lunch while I read our Bible passage of the day.  We have 
a rich discussion about the passage and then we watch a short video about science and Creation.
12:30 pm:  The little girls lay down for naps.
Liam plays quietly in his room and Ella reads a book for leisure.
2:00 pm: Liam and Ella listen as I read a living book for history.
We discuss what we read and I check for comprehension.
3:00 pm: The kids get 30 minutes of TV while I get supper going
 and then they go play outside.

That is a pretty good representation of our daily rhythm.  It doesn't seem forced, but rather very natural and there is room for flexibility.  If you are looking for more knowledge of homeschooling, you can check out my eBook!

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