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We are preparing for January and all that the New Year brings- fresh beginnings and the chance to change things up a bit.  With homeschooling, there is a sweet balance between structure and being flexible.  I gravitate towards the structured side of things, but being flexible is one of the best parts of homeschooling.  With that being said, my schedule must be easy to execute and clear.  When I have several different kiddos at varying levels, I have to be organized.

I wanted to share a well-developed product that helps when planning out daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.  I have done research and found so many different options, but this option feeds into my structured personality while still allowing for the more flexible side of homeschooling.  

Homeschool Planet is an online classroom planner that is so customizable.  I have been asked many times about how to plan for different ages and Homeschool Planet really streamlines the process.  I wanted to share a few features that make this online planner so lovely, so let's get to it!

+ Homeschool Planet's online planner creates simplicity and helps me to declutter.  I have a "thing" about not having a lot of paper/clutter and I love that the online planner keeps all of that to a minimum.  With all of the other papers that I keep for the kids' Narration Journals it's nice to not have to keep a paper planner, as well.

+ This planner allows you to include multiple kiddos on your schedule easily.  You can view each student's schedule and get a feel for how the day will flow.  Right now, Liam has a pretty easy routine, so this will be more beneficial for me in the future when he is requiring more of my time.  

+I love that the daily schedule can be printed off so that the kids can see what the day holds.  This is something that Isabella loves because she is a list maker and loves checking things off of her lists.  She can see what she has accomplished and what tasks are ahead.  It also keeps us on task and moving forward throughout the day.  When I am helping Liam, she can hop over to the next assignment and get started while I finish up with him.  It helps us stay efficient. 

+ The planner has other features, like a shopping list and To Do list, so that everything is organized and in one spot.  Life can be chaotic and I like to keep things simple.  This feature allows me to streamline everything- including my personal tasks!

+ Homeschool Planet is great for keeping records.  This is my first year of keeping official records for Isabella and it is so nice to have a planner that makes it easy to record grades, hours, and even create transcripts!  Not to mention that I can print all of the reports out to have for documentation.

With all that said, everyone's desires are different.  I love the feel of a paper planner and that I can easily flip from month to month, but I also love the ease and functionality of Homeschool Planet's online planner.  If you are in the market for a comprehensive planner connect with Homeschool Planet and see if it will be a good fit for your family.  

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