Style | Easy Sundays

Sometimes, Sunday mornings can be stressful.  Between later-than-usual Saturday nights and early Sunday mornings, it can make an otherwise lovely day a bit unenjoyable.  One thing that I do to help my Sundays be calm and chaos-free is to have a few items that I wear on Sundays on rotation.  Sort of like a Sunday Capsule Wardrobe, if you will.  I have my go-to clothes that are a bit dressier, but also fuss free.  I can't stand bending over to pick up a toy or kiddo and then having to rearrange my clothing upon rising.  Am I the only one who gets annoyed by this? 

Anyway, I wanted to share one of my "signature" Sunday looks to help you streamline your morning if you feel the same pinch of time that I do when getting your entire family church appropriate.  My fall/winter apparel has consisted mainly of tunics, leggings, and boots. Tunics are flattering on most body types and allow me to wear leggings, which look dressier than jeans, and boots (which are perfect for snowy, wet weather).  Mark told me the other day, "I guess once you go "leggings" you never go back," referring to the fact that I can pretty much be found in leggings any day of the week.

One of my favorite tunics is this Red-Diamond Tunic (which is on sale now!) by PinkBlush, a trendy online boutique.  They offer cute dresses for women and also maternity clothing.  What I love about this tunic is the length and comfort.  It is so comfortable and cozy on these cold winter days.  It's a top that I can go home and lounge in, as well, instead of getting back in my sweats after church.

I love ShopPinkBlush so much that I'm giving away a $50 store credit to a lucky follower over on my Instagram feed (@thequickjourney).  All you have to do is hop over there and follow the simple directions!

This post is sponsored by PinkBlush boutique, but all stated opinions are my own.  I was not monetarily compensated to share my opinion of their products.  


  1. So cute! Do their clothes fit true to size? Thanks Liz!

  2. I LOVE this tunic! I have a few maternity pieces from Pink Blush that I still wear. Everything's so fashionable and perfect for petite pregnant women who end up swimming in regular maternity clothes.