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Glasses can be the pits to pick out.  You head into a store packed with frames covering the walls and you are supposed to pick out a pair on the spot.  You don't get time to mull them over or see what they look like with different hairstyles (or no makeup... eeek!).  

When I found David Kind glasses I was so impressed with the process.  You pick out a few frames that spark your interest and you gravitate towards.  Then their professional stylists pick out three frames that they think would look fabulous on you.  The process really is so easy:

+ Upload a picture so the stylist can see your face/eye shape
+ Fill out a short questionnaire about what you do and don't like- color, shape, etc
+ Their stylist will match you with the 3 frames they think would compliment your face

otto frames

The awesome part is that they ship you the frames and you get 6 days to try the glasses and see which pair you like the best.  Once you decide, you fill out a little card and ship them back.  Your glasses are then made and shipped to you.  You don't even have to leave your house (except to go to the mailbox!).  

baldwin frame

One of the first things I noticed when I picked up the frames was how sturdy and substantial they felt.  That is kind of important when you are being mauled by four kiddos all day long. 

Your glasses arrive in this case with all of the frames tucked neatly inside.  Try them on. Wear them for a day or two. Pick your frame. And enjoy!  It really is that easy.  

You can find more out about David Kind glasses any of these places:

Do you struggle to find glasses you love?  Let me know what you think about the "bring the glasses to you" thought process.  I think it's brilliant!


  1. I feel like each time that I see your beautiful face, you just get cuter and cuter! ☺️ Gorgeous mama!

  2. GREAT IDEA!! Im going to have to look into costs!