Motherhood | Taking Time to Slow

This is the first slow week we've had in a long while.  Today was the first day we have left the house since church on Sunday.  Many would feel claustrophobic and antsy being home several days in a row, but it has been so refreshing for me.  I have had to say, "no," to activities and engagements, but it has been so worth it!  

Along with hunkering down at Casa Quick, we have lost our babe's sweet Lovie.  How does one lose something when they haven't left the house in days?  I'm not sure.  I went dumpster diving in our garage to make sure Lovie didn't get tossed by accident, looked in every nook and crannie, and searched drawers and cabinets more than once.  No Lovie.  No restful sleep for Jules.  

I have had to rock her sweet little body to sleep on a number of occasions.  For the most part, I haven't minded it one bit.  The Lord slows us when we refuse to be obedient to His gentle call to listen.  Not only that, but she turns two in a few days.  Two... my last babe.  It seemed like two was light years away when I was running on hormonal fumes and cuddling my milk-drunk Julia.  We would rock the night away and I would think of how slow I wanted this last one to go.  How I didn't want to rush a moment.  

Now, I am rocking an almost two year old and sleep is easier to come by.  As the Lord slows me, I think and pray on those that reside in these four walls.  I pray that the Savior would be praised and worshiped in the souls of those who do life here.  I think about the young girl from my hometown who is about to lose her eyesight.  When I was a senior in high school, I would help her first grade class during my study hall hour.  I taught them all of the tricks, like how to clean your pencil eraser on your jeans.  I think about how much my heart hurts for her.  I think about her mama and how I would feel if I were her.  I think about how grateful I am that The Gospel isn't limited by our earthly bodies.  How it can penetrate even when physical sight is absent.  The Holy Spirit isn't limited.  He follows the Father's leading.  Our Jesus isn't limited.  He saves those that the Father draws to Him.  How Jesus raises the dead with the power of His words, "Lazarus, come out!"  

Words.  That's all it took to make the dead come to life.  Words.  That's all it took to set this universe in motion.  The power of that- His words- is stunning to me.  

So, if it took losing a "Lovie" for my heart to think upon those things, then I'd lose Lovie a million times over.  If you are needing a little encouragement, this song has me praising Him all the day long:


  1. We sing this song at church a lot and it is one of my favorites. Beautiful.

    Also that first picture. Just perfect.