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Y'all... it's been forever since I chatted here in this space.  I almost forgot how to even create a blog post.  It has been quite a full spring.  Full of goodness- sunshine, book reading, and play dates.  There has been some not so good aspects that have left me a little sluggish, which is part of the reason there are so many cobwebs collecting on my little blog.  I just do not like a full calendar.  I'm selfish with my " family" time and make no apologies for that.  I want it slow and simple, without a lot of hoop-la.

Anyway, that's where our camping adventures take shape.  We spend the week preparing slowly for our adventure.  Our home gets closed up and the blinds get pulled, leaving it cool, quiet, and dark.  We load in the car, many of us giggling with delight, and head out to the campsite.  It's always a new experience and the whole way I have to answer, "Are we getting closer, mama?"

I am a creature of habit, so this is a big 180 for me.  Letting go and allowing uncertainty to creep in is counter to my personality.  There has been something so sweet about our camping time, though, that has me loving it more and more.

When we set off, I leave behind all of my regular 'to dos' that keep me from connecting with my kids.  I get to spend time looking them in the eyes and saying, "yes," to their requests to go ride bikes, or go look at the tree stump in the forested area, or go play at the play set.  We turn our phones off and roast s'mores not worrying about how sticky or gooey our hands and clothes get.

Camping isn't something that I would have pictured myself doing as an adult- packing in my four babes and taking to the road hand-in-hand with my fella.  It has been a nice, quiet surprise for me.  There's just something about being crammed in, sleeping the night away right next to one another, and then opening the doors to nature first thing in the morning.  It's quite lovely.

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