Family | Photos 2016

I have been wanting to get some family photos taken for awhile now and was so hesitant because we have 4 young kiddos and I didn't want to spend money just for my kids to not cooperate.  Luckily, they did fabulous and I am so happy we invested in them.  I am a "take your own pics" kind of gal, but every once in awhile, I break down and have a professional take them. 

I love the crispness of these pictures and the sweet expressions that Sarah captured for me.  I threw outfits together the day before and everything was set around Julia's smocked dress.  It was mine from when I was a baby and my Nene made it for me.  I have, pretty much, had her wear it every week since my mom gave it to me. :)  I was going for neutrals with some subtle color thrown in.  The blue hue was the color that I chose.  My home is filled with neutrals, so I knew I couldn't put pictures with a bunch of bright, random colors on the wall and have it look pleasing to the eye.

Mark and I look at these pictures, and it's the first time that we can say our family is complete.  There isn't question about whether, or not, we will be adding to the family down the road.  This is just "us." They will grow and Mark and I will wrinkle up, but we are all here.  There's something sweet about that thought. 

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