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I know you never thought you'd see me blogging about a litter box, but y'all... this is a blog-worthy litter box.  Just hang with me. ;) 

You all know that I have four kids.  Four.  Enough to keep me busy. So, when this little kitty purred her way into my heart and circumstances forced us to make her an inside cat, I had think about what having an inside cat meant for my workload.  I know it sounds silly, but when I'm schooling kids, cleaning a home, cooking, wiping bottoms, laundry (mountains of laundry), and trying to run an at-home business I need to make sure that I don't add anything that requires too much of me.  

The part I was most concerned about was the litter box process.  I have a toddler.  I don't want to clean up a litter box, too.  When I say this litter box revolutionizes having an inside cat- I totally mean it.  The Litter*Robot is an amazing litter box that cleans itself.  Seriously... you set the timer and it spins and dumps the dirty litter in the filtered drawer below.  If your cat is 5 lbs, the Litter*Robot will sense the cat and empty the litter box once the cat leaves the Open Air.  That means that your house doesn't smell, you don't have to clean a box every day, AND your cat isn't walking in a dirty box and then trotting across the floor that your toddler eats off of.  Ahhhh!!!!

Another thing I was concerned about was having a litter box where it could be seen.  The Litter*Robot tucks away in the corner and the litter is covered, so it isn't such an eye sore.  I am one happy cat-mama and Brownie is one happy cat.  

We have the Open Air Litter*Robot and it has all of the features one could want.  If you have a cat and want a "hands free" approach to keeping your cat happy, I'd highly suggest checking it out.  Use this link to grab $25 off of your own Litter*Robot.  Let me know if you snag one!!!  I'd love to know what you think of it (I am sure you will love it, though). :)

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