Lifestyle | Lab Grab Skin Care

It might seem like an exaggeration to say that I have the most sensitive skin ever.  However, when you've experienced blemishes for repeated years, it can begin to feel very frustrating.  For the last 2 years, I've worked to clear my skin with healthy, replenishing products.  Products that pour nutrients into my skin instead of stripping my skin.  I did a ton of research and took risks by putting oils on my skin and cleaning my skin with oil-based products.  Much to my surprise, it worked.  My skin started healing from the inside out and I no longer deal with cystic acne day after day.

With that little bit of background in place, you can imagine how cautious I was to try any product other than my normal Young Living oily routine.  So, when Silk Therapeutics reached out to me about trying some of their new, soon-to-be launched products I was hesitant.  I did my research and asked tons of questions in the process.  I loved their mission and ground-breaking silk technology, so I decided to give it a try.

I was sent the Renewal Eye Cream and Brightening Gel Exfoliant.  These aren't your standard, convenient store products.  These are clinical products that have hours and hours of research behind them.  Not only are they powerful products, but they are sealed with the EWG Skin Deep seal.  That means they are clean and good for your skin.  You can read more about that at EWG.  

I use the gel exfoliant twice/week and notice that my skin is smooth and feels so soft.  I have yet to experience a blemish since it is so gentle and natural and pairs so well with my current oily products.  The eye cream keeps my under-eye area soft and supple.  

Silk Therapeutics is launching their new Lab Grab site tomorrow!  They will have small batches of their innovative skin care available for the masses.  It is an incredible opportunity to get amazing skin products without the boutique prices. They are amazing to work with, so if you have any questions, contact them. :)

Style & Home | Revisiting the Cat Situation

A few months back I shared that we moved our cat inside and that we decided to get a Litter*Robot.  At that time, we had just opened it up and were dreaming of our "litter box cleaning days" being over.  Here we are a few months later and I wanted to hop on and give you a little update as to how things went with the new litter box.  If you missed my first post, find it here.  

I didn't know how Brownie would take to the new litter box, but she didn't hardly skip a beat.  The first day, or two, we kept putting her in the Litter*Robot throughout the day and she eventually figured out that it was her new, permanent box.  

Y'all... I cannot tell you  how much freedom this gives me.  I don't have to worry about my home being smelly.  We can leave Brownie and not have to have a neighbor come tend to her.  I don't have daily litter box duty.  It is wonderful.  

As a minimalist mama, I wouldn't be recommending it if it weren't the bees knees.  If you want to give Litter*Robot a try use this link for $25 your own Litter*Robot.  Take a look at all of the designs.  We have the Open Air, but a different model might be best for your cat.  Enjoy.  

I received an Open Air in exchange for my honest opinion about the product.  
While this post was sponsored, I assure you that this product is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.