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Today’s post is about expectations.  Expectations we have of ourselves and that others have of us.  But, I can’t go any further without nailing down the foundation as to why we keep a home.    This will resonate with some of you and others will be all “peace out” before I start building on the foundation. That’s okay.  Take what bits you want to take and leave the rest, but these three things directly impact the way I serve my family.

It’s easy, in our flesh, to not experience joy in our labors.  It’s easy for us to be lazy… it’s our natural bent, but it’s so important to know a few truths.  

  1. We serve a God of order- not chaos.  Our homes should be a place of peace and order.  No one enjoys a home that is full of junk and has clutter/messes over every square inch.  That doesn’t create calm or peace in our home.  Our homes won’t be pristine 24/7, but they should be places that have some sort of order in place.
  2. When we were children, we were messy and undisciplined.  We are to put off our childish ways and do mature things- namely be disciplined in our work. I tell my “oily team” often that “adults do adult things.”  
  3. We are to do all things without grumbling.  Our work might not always be a ‘walk in the park’ (I mean, who loves scrubbing toilets or folding 100 loads of laundry??), but we are to delight in the fact that our bodies and minds have the ability to do the work that is required of us.  Not every person on this planet has a body that can vacuum and scrub.  It is a privilege to have such a thing and we shouldn’t squander it! We are not required to move a mountain.  We are required to glorify God by being joyful in our work.

Now that our minds and hearts have been taken off of us, and placed on a firm foundation, let’s keep moving on.  

Expectations are huge.  We all have our own vision of what “clean” looks like.  Your vision doesn’t have to be my vision.  It’s important to have an ‘end game,’ so to speak, so you need to spend a moment thinking about what your ideal might be.  

For me, I want clear counter tops, dust-bunny free corners, cobweb free light fixtures, and a tidy house when I turn in for the night.  Maybe you simply want your home to be drop-by presentable and not spotless- that is totally fine!  Your expectations should match the desires of you (and your husband) and your ability to meet those expectations. I say "ability" because we all know that there are seasons that require us to be doing other things.  For example, newborn life. I tried to keep the house tidy with new babies, but it was really hard and somethings didn't happen like I would have liked.  Another example, maybe your hubby is in the military and he's gone.  Single momming it is super hard and your expectations should reflect that difficulty.  Maybe you've had a season of lots of sickness running through the home... laundry and dishes will inevitably pile up during those times.  Those aren't excuses to throw all caution to the wind, but just some instances where we need to keep things in perspective. 

So, your first bit of work is to write down your ideals.  Write down what you want your home to reflect and what you will need to do in order to accomplish that end game. Are there areas that really bother you?  Write them down so you can tackle them.  Is there a chore you consistently neglect... work to be more disciplined in that area (hello... mine is laundry. oy!).

Things I will cover in later posts:

Preparing your home- decluttering, etc.
Cleaning supplies I use
Daily tidying schedule
Weekly Cleaning Schedule
How I deep clean

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