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Just like the rest of my life, I like to keep my cleaning supplies simple and minimal.  I don't use a wide variety of cleaners and I prefer to keep them as natural as possible.  We have a kiddo with some respiratory issues, so using cleaners that release tons of unhealthy VOCs in the air is no bueno

The reason I like to keep my cleaning supplies simple is so cleaning is simple and so I don't have to find a place to store ten bottles of this and that.  Without further ado... here are my supplies:

1. Thieves household cleaner-  I love this stuff so much.  I can't even say how much I love this all-purpose cleaner.  I use one capful of this cleaner + 16 oz of water and I go to town spraying and wiping.  I also love that I can use it on all of my surfaces- counters, stainless, glass, windows, wood floors, toilets, etc.  It makes cleaning a breeze because all I have to do is grab my spray, some rags, and tackle the house.  OH!  And it smells like Christmas.  It smells soooo good.

The Thieves cleaner comes from Young Living.  I get my amber colored spray bottles off of amazon.  

2. Norwex Rags- Again, you can use any rags you want, but I prefer the Norwex rags.  I use the regular ones for all of the surfaces- floors, walls, counters, toilets, and the "window/glass" rags to polish things or to clean windows and mirrors.  I use multiple rags when I clean.  I usually use a separate rag for each bathroom, a rag for cleaning/dusting our bedroom, dining room, living room, a different rag for the kitchen, and then a rag for the entire upstairs (the kids' rooms).  I really don't like to take yuck from one place to another, so this helps me not do that.  

3.  Scrub Brush- You might need one of these for grout issues or to clean pesky corners.  This isn't something you should have to use every time you clean, but just a few times/year if you keep your house tidy in between.  

4.  Bona Mop/Microfiber swiffer set- I got a Bona mop/microfiber duster set years ago and have loved it ever since.  The microfiber pad collects dust so well and the mop does a good job of scrubbing, too.  You can grab it online or at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  

5.  Vacuum- I don't have any recommendations for a vacuum.  I use a Eureka and have for over a decade.  I haven't had any trouble and I still like it.  You will use this to "dust" your baseboards, clean out cracks and sweep up couch crumbs.  I vacuum once/week in our main level and probably 2/month in our upstairs.  We don't wear shoes in our home, so that helps keep the dirt at bay, and we don't snack anywhere but the kitchen and living room.  

I hope that was helpful!  Next up... my DAILY CLEANING ROUTINE.

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