Homemaking | Winter Hygge

Winter Blues. 

It’s a real thing when you live in a place with long, cold, gray winters. I used to feel “blue” once Christmas was over and that meant I had, at least, 3 entire months of gloom looming over me before spring would begin to show up. 

A few years ago, I began to implement a few things that were characteristically “winter” and it helped me to push through since these were things I only got to enjoy during the winter time. These are things that I reserve for winter in order to make it more cozy and enjoyable:

1. Beeswax candles- I light beeswax candles and the soft, yellow glow is incredibly comforting.

2. Fireplace- we run the fireplace throughout a good portion of our day and the fire brings such a cozy feel.

3. Twinkle lights- there’s just something about the glow of twinkle lights that makes the short days seem more bearable. 

4. Kitchen work- I used to bake goodies year round, now I reserve most of my baking for winter. It gives us something to look forward to and the smell always makes the house feel homey.

5. Afternoon tea- this was a big one for me. I make a cup of tea once the kids are tucked away for rest time and I sit quietly while I sip. It isn’t always as serene as it sounds (😂 #fourkids)but it is a time I look forward to. 

Do you have any winter rituals to help the long season seem more bearable?

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