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Growing up, my mom prepared supper every day and layered our dinner table with food.  We would gather and eat together, my dad usually telling silly jokes and my brother and I bickering about who was taking up too much room on our side of the table (my older sister was lucky and got an entire side all to herself- lol).  

It was a constant in our home.  Even when we got older and had sporting events, supper was always a constant and a time when we would come together as a family before dispersing.

When Mark and I first got married, we too would sit at the table and pass the food to each other.  Then, somewhere along the way... during the baby and toddler years of life, we quit passing the plate.  We still ate supper every evening, but I began to load plates from the stove and deliver them to each person.  It seemed easier at the time, and to be honest, I hardly realized that I had started this habit.  

Then, one day this winter, I prepared the food and set the table.  I didn't dish out the food from the kitchen counter, but rather placed it in the middle of us all.  A lightbulb went off as we passed the plates and enjoyed the food.  We could see the bounty that was left for seconds and I didn't have to get up one time to get more food for someone.

It is the simplest of things... food on a table, but it brought back so many memories of my childhood.  I don't collect 'things' much, but memories are rooted pretty deeply in me.  It was so nice to sit and not have to rise to refill a plate (or five plates).  It was all right there, ready for the taking.

I will say it a million times over, I think I would have fit in rather well in the 50's. :) I love slow.  I love clothes line dried linens.  I love being domestic and keeping a home.  And it seems that I love having food cluttering our dinner table every evening. :)

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