Homemaking | Autumn's Arrival

Autumn's arrival brings with it many things.  The season turns from hot and heavy to cool and crisp.  Cozy blankets get placed throughout the house to make curling up easier.  The tea cups that have been stowed away for months are suddenly feeling brand new again and the tea kettle has found it's cool-weather home on the stove top.

Our leftover beeswax candles from last winter are layered here and there and give a soft, warm glow during the early morning and late evening hours.  Cinnamon Bark diffuses with Orange and Idaho Blue Spruce and suddenly everything smells fall-ish.  It's one of my favorite feelings.

Soups simmer weekly and windows are propped open all day long.  Sunlight glows as it is filtered through the creamy linen curtains. Lamps begin to light the rooms as we prepare for bedtime due to the days disappearing quicker.

Weekends are spent around the fire on the back patio with the twinkle lights hanging overhead.  Friends and neighbors are invited over to enjoy the cool evenings after a long summer of staying indoors.  I have gone to the basement and dug out the jackets that now hang on the wall and make our already small laundry space feel a bit more dainty.  Summer clothes have been stored until the warmer months return and fluffy sweaters fill our drawers.

I am impacted by seasons more than I'd like to admit.  Mark and I have tossed around the idea of moving off several times throughout our marriage, and we have both come to the strong conclusion that we could never settle where there aren't the changing of seasons (unless the good Lord were to call us to such a place:)).  I love how the air changes and memories from my childhood come to me as we ebb and flow from spring to summer... summer to fall, and so on.  So, as we head into one of my very favorite seasons, I hope you find some sweetness in the transition.

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