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I am the least crafty person out there, so listen up non-crafty homeschool moms... your kids don't require a lot from you in the craft department.  All you need is a yard full of fall leaves, some glue, and a piece of paper.  

We have been reading some fall books the past few weeks, which I will link at the end if you are at all interested, that have helped enrich our enjoyment of this fall season.  Mark has raked leaves and the kids have jumped and plowed through them several times already this year, which has been so much fun, but these books have helped us really soak up how lovely autumn is.

A leaf activity is always a must during October.  We've done leaf garlands (which I'd like to do again, if we have time), leaf classifying projects, and leaf collages before- each that the kids have loved and none that are time consuming on the mama's part or expensive. Win, win!

This year, it was time for another leaf collage.  The kids each had some paper and they went outside to hunt for the leaves they thought would fit their collage picture.  Upon returning, they glued their leaves in their spots and layered them until they were happy with their picture.  We hung them and daddy came home and immediately had to guess what each collage was a picture of. :)

I hope this encourages you to just do something.  Kids find enjoyment in anything out of the ordinary.  My kids, literally, glued leaves on a piece of paper and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  It's all in the presentation. Light a candle.  Put some slices of apple and bread on the table.  Play some music or a book on tape.  They'll love it. 

If you're interested in the books, here are the links to the ones we enjoyed this year:

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