Style | Fall 10 x 10 Capsule

I shared about the Fall 10x10 that I was doing with a few other homeschool mamas, but I didn't share my actual outfits.  I picked several tops and pants and simply swapped them out.  It was easy and so non-stressful, especially since this was my first capsule where I only picked 10 pieces.

This was so much fun and it was even better because I did it with friends.  I hope you enjoy seeing my pieces in action.

These are the outfits I managed to snag a photo of.  All of my pieces are casual, but make me feel pulled together.  They all fit well and are things I can wear all day long without fussing with them.  The rest of the days, I simply switched up my pants and tops differently.  So easy!  

If you want to see a few videos of me doing my "mom" thing in my capsule... check out the "CAPSULE" highlights on my Instagram feed. 

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