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We wake up every morning and trot into the kitchen for a warm breakfast.  We wipe up the table and then scatter to prepare ourselves and our rooms for the day.  I fill diffusers during this time and turn on some music to help us get a little pep in our step.  

It's no secret that I really, really like a tidy home.  It is always worth it to spend a few extra minutes prepping our home in the morning to make sure our day gets started on the right foot.  Two of the easiest tips I have for making your home look tidier without much effort or money is...

1. Make your beds... every morning
2. Put the toilet seats down... every time

Go on, try it and see if it helps.  :) The kids all make their own beds, but part of my morning routine is to go upstairs and straighten bedding that might have been difficult for the kiddos to straighten.  I don't mind doing this, but it is often frustrating for my little girls to work so hard on their beds, and it still not be quite right.  Well, I finally stumbled upon the solution... Beddy's Beds.

Have you seen these?  They are beautiful bedding sets (that come with a pillow case and a sham) that go on like a fitted sheet, yet all the little ones have to do is zip up the sides when they get out of bed!  That's it!  My girls have been over the moon about these.  They feel like their are camping out in a sleeping bag every night. :) 

During the day, when they play or read on their beds, they don't have to fuss with their quilts and get them unwrinkled again.  Beddy's Bedding stays put and wrinkle-free, even when kids are bounding on and off of them.  

So, if you are needing a good solution for unmade beds- this is the solution.  We went with "Love at First White" bedding in the little girls' room and it looks just spiffy. If you missed my detailed posts on keeping a home... click here and you can peek at them. 

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