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Some things were done right away when we moved in.  We swapped out the light fixtures and painted the walls. It instantly made it feel like home.  Other things we took our time on.  They required a bit more searching to find exactly what we were wanting.

One thing I hope to always convey is that it doesn't have to take tons of money to make your house feel like a home.  You don't have to do huge renovations to update a space.  Simple things have a big impact sometimes.

One change we are slowly undertaking is updating our brassy, 90's door knobs.  This was one of those areas that took some searching and sifting to find exactly what I wanted.  When I did, I was quite excited about them.

When I saw the Georgetown knob from Grandeur Hardware, I immediately contacted them to chat about the workmanship of the knobs.  One thing is for sure, reach out to companies and allow them to share about their products.  If you were walking into a store, you'd reach out to a store associate... don't allow online relationships to be any different.  You will know a lot about the integrity of a product by the integrity of the people working for them.  Reach out! :)

So far, we have replaced four of our knobs and it has made SO MUCH difference.  Just look at that side-by-side.  One is full of charm and the other is full of the brassy 90's.  I am looking forward to adding charm to the rest of the doors in our home, but for now, I'm showing everyone the knobs that we have on.

Simple changes with a big impact... more coming soon. :)

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