Homemaking | Rosemary Christmas DIY

Today, I'm sharing a simple, no-fuss DIY.  I am, basically, in love with Christmas Rosemary everything- wreaths, table setting decor, garland.  Plus, you get a bonus with the yummy smell wafting about your rooms.  

Here I started with a small bundle of fresh rosemary.  You can pick some up in your produce section at your store.  I soaked it overnight to help it retain moisture and be more pliable when I twined it together.

I made bundles of rosemary and hung them on random knobs throughout the house.  Some in our bathrooms, some in the bedroom doorways, and some in the kitchen.  It adds a festive flair and took me only a matter of minutes to throw together.

And, in case you missed my post sharing the new knobs we have been putting in our home... check out this post.  

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