White paint colors can be tricky, plus there are so many to choose from. Today, we are breaking down the most popular white paint colors for home interiors.

The hardest part about white is that white isn’t just white. There are cooler whites and warmer whites. There are yellow undertones and green or pink undertones. Whites can also look different depending upon how much natural light vs. artificial light is in the space.


Good Rule of Thumb for Picking the Right White that is Perfect for Your Space.

- North-Facing Room- Choose a warm white since the natural light coming from the north tends to be a bit cooler. - South-Facing Room- Choose a cool white to balance out the rich, warm light that comes from the south. - Neutrally Lit Room- Choose a neutral white to compliment the natural light. - Rooms with No Windows- Typically, rooms with no natural light need some sort of pigment to keep the room from feeling sterile.

When choosing the perfect white paint, you not only need to consider the natural light in your room, but also what is outside of your windows. Keep in mind that if you have large windows with lots of natural light and tons of green trees outside, the green will be reflected on the white walls.

Look Outside

Layering whites in a room is key to making it look rich and not flat. Mixing whites in a home adds softness and layers, which also helps to keep the space from looking sterile.

Mixing Whites in One Room

How to Choose the Perfect White Paint Color

1 .Purchase several white paints that you love. 2. Paint swatches on each wall. 3.  Notice the coloring each swatch gives off and which one you prefer in the room. 4. Keep in mind that many companies offer peel-n-stick squares that eliminates the paint sampling process.

The Best White Paint Colors for Interiors:

-Snowbound by Sherwin Williams -Alabaster by Sherwin Williams -White Dove by Benjamin Moore -Simply White by Benjamin Moore -Pure White by Sherwin Williams