Many say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and for us, that is true. I live so much life within my kitchen and having a beautiful space to prepare meals in was a priority for me. Today, I’m going to share my eased-edge shiplap kitchen backsplash in hopes of inspiring you to make small changes to make your home a place you love.

What is shiplap?

These days, shiplap is most characterized by horizontal planks of wood placed on the wall with a small gap between each piece to create a simple line across the wall.


Shiplap vs. Tongue and Groove


While shiplap is used to give a farmhouse feel, tongue and groove shiplap is often used to create the English cottage vibe.

In turn of the century homes, when the dry wall was removed it revealed horizontal shiplap or wooden planks, which is why most people hung their modern shiplap horizontally. Vertical shiplap draws the eye up and creates a different line for the room and may give the illusion that the room is wider and taller than it is!

Horizontal Shiplap vs. Vertical Shiplap

Shiplap Backsplash

Shiplap backsplash looks great under cabinets or behind open shelving. It is versatile and timeless. Our shiplap is a certain kind called Eased-Edge Shiplap. This is a type of shiplap that has a beveled edge on each side of the board, resulting in an angled look to the gap.

Will Water Damage Shiplap Backsplash?


The best answer is to get a good paint that seals up the shiplap and keeps it waterproof. Ask your local paint supplier which paint is best for shiplap backsplash. Whipe off your shiplap backsplash quickly if it does come into contact with water.

Where do I buy Shiplap Boards?

Depending on what you’re looking for and what style you are wanting, shiplap boards are available online and in most home improvement stores.