Delicious Charcuterie Board for Christmas


Christmas is approaching, and as you start planning your holiday parties, consider this great way to celebrate the season with a festive Christmas charcuterie board! Layer your charcuterie board with fruits, nuts, jams, meats, and cheese to celebrate the most cherished season!


Do you have your own traditions? If you are looking for another one, this is a great way to kick off a Christmas celebration!

What is a Christmas Charcuterie Board

A Christmas charcuterie board is like a traditional charcuterie board, but with a festive Christmas color scheme and yummy holiday favorites!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

It can be served on Christmas Eve, at a Christmas party in your home, holiday family gatherings, and even on Christmas Day!

Ingredients for a  Charcuterie Board

- meats - jams and spreads - dried fruits - nuts - crackers and breads - grapes and pomegranate seeds

Make a Christmas Charcuterie Board

1. Create the base 2. Add the layers 3. Finish with serving utensils


While assembling your own charcuterie board, keep in mind that you can be as creative as you like, and literally make it look like a piece of art with the colors, textures, and the way you display the food items. There is no wrong way to do it!

Another fun idea is to make a separate dessert board with all your favorite Christmas cookies and other sweet goodies.