Best Sourdough Dinner Rolls Recipe

Best Sourdough Dinner Rolls

These sourdough rolls use simple ingredients and can be made in 3 easy steps. You will get the benefits of sourdough along with the soft, buttery rolls you are wanting!

Why You'll Love Them

-Sourdough is a great option for people with gluten sensitivities! -Much of this sourdough roll recipe takes place the night before! -They’re a crowd favorite!

Tell Me About Sourdough Rolls

Taste-These dinner rolls have that slight sourdough tang , without actually tasting sour! Texture-This recipe will produce rolls with a soft crust and a fluffy, tender crumb. Ease-I use a stand mixer with a dough hook attachment to knead my bread dough for me.

How To Make These Sourdough Buns in 3 Easy Steps

.Bread recipes take a little bit of planning. You will need an active sourdough starter. 1. Make dough 2. Divide dough 3. Bake sourdough rolls

Ingredients For Soft Sourdough Dinner Rolls

- Active Sourdough Starter - Melted Butter - Milk - Salt - Sugar - Flour - Water

Tips For Baking the Soft Sourdough Rolls

-Be sure to let the butter and milk mixture cool down somewhat before adding the sourdough starter! -Choose a warm place to let the dough rest. In the summer, your countertop will likely be fine. In the cold kitchen of winter, however, you may need to be more creative!

Do You Need a Sourdough Starter?

If you don’t have a sourdough starter yet, you can purchase one online or make your own! I have an entire post dedicated to making your own bread and sourdough starter on my blog. A dry starter is low maintenance and extremely simple to create and use.