It was about a decade ago that modern kitchen open shelving began to take its place front and center. I, certainly, took note of it and loved the casual and layered look of open shelving. I have created open shelves in both our current home and our previous home and today I’m going to share some tips for kitchen open shelving.

Tips for Kitchen  Open Shelving

So many people are hesitant about open shelving in their kitchens because they are worried about how to decorate them. Everything is out in the open and there aren’t cabinet doors to hide clutter. I’m here to share why having open shelving in the kitchen is one of my favorite design elements.

Is Kitchen Open Shelving  Going Out of Style?

Open shelving is, actually, not a new concept. It has changed forms and fashions, but it’s been around for decades. In the early 20th century, open shelving took the form of hanging pot racks in a kitchen. By the midcentury, you saw a more modern hanging shelf showing up in some homes.

Reasons You Will Love Kitchen Open Shelving

-Cost Effective -Opens the Space up -Adds Texture and Interest -Easy Access -Customizable -Trendy for a Fraction of the Cost

Is it Hard to Keep Open Shelving Clean in the Kitchen?

Regardless of whether you have open shelving, or not, you have the same amount of dust. One way to keep the cleaning of open shelving down is to stick with one or two open shelves.

Tips for Keeping Kitchen Open Shelving Tidy

-Keep cleaning simple -Keep it neutral -Keep cleaning simple

How to decorate Open Shelving in a Kitchen

-Stick to 3 colors -Edit down your collection -Place your most useful items on  bottom -Mix up sizes of decorations

Quick Style Tips for Open Shelving

The base layer needs to stay neutral, no matter what color your shelving is. If you have wood or white painted shelving, keep the base layer a neutral white or cream.

More Styling Tips

Add some height to the back of the shelf by adding in a piece of artwork or tall glass vase/bottle. Plants are a great add-in on open shelves. Metals are another element that you can easily add for texture.

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