10 ways to use shiplap in your home

Shiplap is such a flexible design element that it can span the home and be used with different decor styles. Today, we are going to look at 10 ways to use shiplap in your home.

You can look back centuries ago and see that it was used in some form or another. When you step back and look at shiplap, you are just adding a simple line to your room. It is understated, classy, yet it adds character and charm.

Why choose Shiplap?

1. Horizontal shiplap 2. Vertical shiplap 3. Eased- Edge shiplap 4. Beadboard shiplap 5. Tongue and Groove 6. Nickel gap shiplap

Different Types of Shiplap

This is a trend that has been around for a bit, but I still don’t see a lot of it, so I think it’s still growing. Adding sheets of shiplap to the base of an island quickly gives either a farmhouse or coastal feel without much effort.

Wrapping Kitchen Island with Shiplap

Accent walls are great in small spaces where you want a big impact, but you don’t have much room. Adding shiplap in a small closet or even a mud room would add some detail without causing much work. Sometimes, seeing a design element in an unlikely space makes the intentionality of it really show.

Shiplap Accent Wall

This is a huge trend that is taking off. Wainscoting and board and batten have been popular up stairwells for ages, but now people are taking the simple line up the stairs, too.

take it up a stairway

I think a simple line next to a focal point like a fireplace adds just the right amount of cozy to go with the warm glow.

Flanking Fireplace with Shiplap