Quick Grilled Smoked Chicken Thighs

Quick Grilled Smoked Chicken Thighs

The kitchen is my favorite place to be, but even I need some suppers that aren’t time intensive. If you’re needing a delicious meal fast, then you need to try this quick grilled, smoked chicken thighs recipe. My family raved the first time I made these and I have to agree, they are incredible. Which…

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This is where I welcome you, tell you to pour yourself a cup of coffee, and sit down while we chat about ways to make this life beautiful.

Let’s take a slow stroll through our days, notice the little beauties throughout, and learn to cherish those things.

Most days might look the same. There might not be anything extraordinary about our lives, but there is a sweetness to the everyday mundane.

From the food we set on the table, to the beds we make every morning… let’s make it our mission to be grateful for this life.

Encouragement for Mothers in a Chaotic World

Encouragement for Mothers in a Chaotic World

When things are swirling outside our walls, what are we do to within our walls? How do we tend to our homemaking in a way that creates a calm, even though things are anything but calm? Today, I’m sharing encouragement for mothers as we navigate a chaotic world. There’s always been chaos in our world….

Dime Beauty The Best Skincare for Moms

Dime Beauty The Best Skincare for Moms

I used to use whatever makeup and skincare was popular when I was younger, but as I’ve gotten older, I have become more aware of the ingredient list for the products I use. I think many people can relate to this as there has been a big push for clean skincare in the last ten…

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