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12 Old World Design Tips for Spring

Get the Old World design in your home for spring by adding a few of these simple elements below. These are easy ideas to bring a bit of a European flair to your space.

concrete bust and thyme tree on a piano

Spring has sprung and I’m working on adding a few old world elements to my spaces.

The best part about using a classic design is that you can simply layer or take away and have a big impact.

There is no need to completely redo a room. Just edit it and bring it back to life.

An old world design brings in beauty while keeping the home relaxed and inviting.

Not only will you layer colors, but patterns, as well.

Don’t be afraid to mix classic stripes with a subtle floral pillow.

Seasonal decorating with an old world influence elevates a space without requiring an entire overhaul.

terra cotta pots filled with herbs on kitchen counter

Old World Design with Plants

A quick spring tip for creating an old world, European feel in your home this spring is to bring the outside in.

Whether you are sprucing your home for spring with a faux floral arrangement or growing an indoor herb garden, plants are where it’s at for layering in the spring.

When styling your plants, think of aged terracotta and concrete planters that bring in charm and style.

The aged terracotta also brings in that beautiful muted color that we all long for in the spring.

light green pears in a long wooden bowl on a kitchen table

Bowls of Fruit and Vegetables

After a long winter of cozy soups and pot pies, it’s time for fresh and colorful.

Lighten the caloric intake and color in the home with bowls of fresh fruits and veggies.

Old world design embraces the natural and now is the time when things sprout and buds grow that will eventually lead to a harvest.

In anticipation of that time, bowls of seasonal foods layering the tables is always inviting.

bedroom with blue and white bedding

White Linens, Stripes, and Florals

Pack away the heavy and rich linens that you dressed your cozy Christmas home with and pull out the spring textiles.

Shop the thrift and antique stores for some beautiful sheets with eyelet detailing.

Pull out that oatmeal colored linen throw in a waffled pattern and toss it over the velvet sofa.

Spring is about lightening the space and giving room to relax after a long day in the garden.

Old world designs often bring in florals in the form of draperies and pillow covers.

Stick with your home’s color palette and bring in florals in muted tones.

hanging basket on a coat rack with flowers in it

Hanging Wicker Baskets with Foliage

Bring the walls to life with hanging wicker baskets full of foliage.

Keep it simple and clean for spring with wispy greens and whites.

Hanging woven baskets are great for creating old world charm because they add a layer of neutral and texture without being overbearing.

It’s a simple decor element that can transition throughout the seasons and brighten a wall or door for spring.

corner kitchen sink with green striped towel and yellow flowers

Spring Kitchen Textiles

Freshen up the kitchen with some linen striped textiles.

In old world European kitchens, the space got used multiple times a day.

Easy towels, such as linen or cotton tea towels, were the key to keeping the kitchen spruced and also having some functionality.

A simple stripe in blue, red, or green will liven up your towel hook and not take away from the rest of the space.

a peg rack with towels and kitchen aprons hanging on it

To take it a step further, take down your winter aprons and replace them with a blue and white ticking stripe apron or a simple oatmeal colored linen apron.

Hang them on a peg rack in your kitchen to create charm.

vertical shiplap in kitchen with open shelving

Stack White Dishes on Open Shelving

Many old world kitchens boasted beautiful open shelving that allowed their space to display their dishes and keep things they needed on a regular basis.

As you head into spring, stack simple white dishes to brighten up the open shelving and present a clean slate for the new season.

The stacking of the dishes gives that historical feel to the kitchen and makes it feel lived in and welcoming.

pink and blush peonies in a clear glass vase on a coffee table

Bring in Glass Vases and Drinkware

Spring is a perfect time to pack away the heavy mugs and vases that adorned our winter cottages and lighten the mood.

Clear glassware sitting on the open shelving tells us that it’s time to fill them with peach tea.

The glass vases with florals and water in them remind us that soon our English roses will be in full bloom and filling those vases.

If you want some added color, get vases in light shades of blush, blue, or cream to allow light to move and also give a touch of color.

clay urn with greens and white flowers in it on the coffee table

Wicker Chargers on Dining Table

Bring layering and warmth to a table by adding wicker chargers in as place mats.

Oftentimes, round chargers are used to give a bit of softness and femininity to the wooden table.

Placing white ironstone plates on top of the wicker brightens the look of the tablescape and makes it feel more springy.

Lighten the Drapes and Curtains

Old world design brings in rich, heavy drapes during the colder seasons.

Generations ago, windows were especially drafty and adding a heavy curtain not only brought style but also warmth.

As the weather turns and spring arrives, lightening the room by bringing in linen or lace to filter the light creates an airy appearance.

Lace curtains can be found at various antique or thrift stores adding to the history behind the fabric.

pottery and a topiary grouped on a wooden trivet

Groupings of Pottery

Many a designer will say that a group of three is a “collection” and it is true.

Pottery is very “old world” and grouping them in three’s makes a collection.

Not only does pottery bring charm, it also brings function.

Add flowers to a pottery vessel or grab a pottery bowl and fill it with a harvest.

Group a pottery bowl full of fruit, vase full of flowers, and a glass full of vintage silverware in the center of your table to add charm.


Copper Cookware

Another European design element is copper.

Copper holds a beautiful patina and reflects light without much effort.

Hanging copper around the kitchen is a traditional way to store pans so they are easily accessible.

While copper has a warmth in its color, it also adds a bit of color that is perfect for spring.

Fabric Curtains for Storage

Freshen up your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom by adding in a simple ticking striped curtain.

You can easily do this by grabbing some fabric and a tension rod.

Make a simple curtain to hide things under a sink or cabinet.

Not only does it conceal what you don’t want to be seen, but it also adds texture and beauty.

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