How to Start an Herb Garden

Nothing enhances meals more than fresh herbs. Dried herbs are fine and helpful, but once you use fresh, you never want to go back to dried herbs.

Parsley– A little unknown fact is that parsley aides in digestion, but it is also delicious on top of many dishes, including stews and grilled vegetables.

Herbs to Grow at Home

An easy way to grow herbs without needing to build anything is with pots. Growing herbs in pots is simple and requires little, to no, planting skills.

Growing Herbs in Pots

Terra Cotta– Terra Cotta pots come in a variety of colors and will weather as you use them. The traditional terra cotta pots have a charming, European feel to them.

Different Types of Herb Pots

Concrete pots add old world charm to a patio, especially when filled with herbs and dainty flowers. These not only add space for you to plant your herbs, but they create a beautiful space, as well.

Concrete planters

Herb Garden Planter– This is a great and simple DIY project for a beginner DIYer. There are kits for these or you can customize your own.

Other ways to Grow Herbs

Some spaces don’t get much sun, especially patios that are attached to apartments. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an herb garden, too. There are some herbs that thrive in the shade.

Herbs that Grow in Shade