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Every once in awhile, whether by necessity or want, it’s fun to change things up.  I used to love rearranging my room as a kid and I still love to make small changes now as an adult.  It makes things feel fresh and new, even if they aren’t new at all.

Then, there are times where your family has outgrown your current sofa and you need more seating capacity in the living room.  Bodies are longer and heavier and don’t fit on your lap anymore.  No rearranging was going to solve this problem.  This was the situation we were in when we decided to add another sofa to our living room.  While our old couch fit our family when the kids were babies and they all piled on top of us, that was not the case anymore.

I went searching for a sofa that would add some color and texture to our living room.  I knew I wanted velvet and in a rich, timeless color.  Late this summer, I stumbled upon Structube and their Emilie sofa…. and my jaw dropped.  It was exactly what I was wanting.

The velvet is soft and adds a bit of hygge to our space.  It’s the perfect size to fit two to three bodies on it and still offer room to wrestle on the floor, or practice ballet spins.  We have it situated across from the linen sofa.  I love dueling sofas.  They make conversation easy and defines a boundary for the living space.  We will probably do some more tweaking, but for now, we are simply enjoying the new beauty in the room.

We also got this faux fur foot stool from Structube.  We like to prop our feet up and never have anything to prop them on… now we do. 🙂 I loved the wire table because it gave me a place to put things, but also because it allowed light to travel through it.  It’s an airy end table and fits perfectly next to the new sofa.  
Let me know your thoughts!  I know this is a bit outside of my comfort zone, but sometimes when you have had your eye on something for a long time (I.e. a velvet sofa), you just have to bite the bullet!

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