Is a corner kitchen sink a good idea?

There are many different sink designs on the market, but how do you know if a corner kitchen sink is a good idea for you? There are several pros and cons regarding corner sinks and a few important things to keep in mind.

white kitchen with a corner sink and stainless appliances

When we moved into this home the kitchen was one of the areas I wanted to make a few changes to.

Besides picking the perfect white paint for our interior walls the kitchen is what needed some attention.

The backsplash was extremely dated. There were also cabinets that seemed to swallow up the corner sink that was placed beneath two charming windows.

While there is still so much to do, I am at a place where I’m simply enjoying our working kitchen.

We installed vertical shiplap and added some charming open shelving to open up the space.

Our kitchen came with a deep basin, stainless undermounted sink that holds an incredible amount of dirty dishes.

A corner sink might not be the best design idea for everyone.

I want to share my experience with our kitchen sink layout.

window and open shelving in a kitchen with vintage artwork

Is a corner kitchen sink right for you?

Corner sinks are a great option if you have a tiny kitchen and limited space to put a sink.

They are even great for homes that have an unusual kitchen layout.

These sinks use an area of the counter that often times doesn’t serve an at-home cook very well.

There isn’t much that you can tuck far back in the corner because it is difficult to reach that space.

For this situation, installing a corner sink might be the best thing to make the best use of that dead counter space.

kitchen with white cabinets and a corner window

What to consider when choosing a corner sink

One thing to consider when choosing a corner sink is the space you have for your sink.

The size and shape of the basin you choose will be determined by the amount of area you have to work with.

There are three main kitchen sink designs on the market.

Be sure you have enough room under the counter for the sink bowl you choose.

Sinks come in several different shapes.

While most of them will work for any space, you need to assess your kitchen’s layout and how much space you have to work with.

  • Single Basin sink- These have one large basin without any dividers. These comes in a large size, standard sink size, and a smaller size if you have a small space.
  • Double Basin sink- This sink has a divider either directly down the center of the sink or off to one side so that there is a large bowl and a smaller bowl within the sink.
  • Diagonal Corner sinks- A diagonal corner sink is a unique cut that fits the shape of your counter’s corner areas so that you have a sink that wraps around the corner of the kitchen. These work for corners that are shaped like an L and allows you the option of getting a bit more square footage out of your small corner sink area.
white kitchen with vertical shiplap

Corner sinks and new kitchen designs

One last design element to keep in mind when adding a sink is the location of the dishwasher.

If you are adding in a sink, be certain that your dishwasher isn’t right next to your sink base cabinets.

We have a narrow, vertical cabinet for sheet pans that gives me enough room to maneuver when the dishwasher is open.

If you place your dishwasher too close to your corner sink you won’t be able to move around very well.

home cook making biscuits at a kitchen island

What size of sink is best for a corner?

Depending on your cabinet size you will need to get a certain size of sink basin.

You will first need to measure the front frame of the cabinet.

Standard corner cabinets come in two basic sizes, 36″ and a 42″.

For a kitchen design that has a 36″ cabinet face, you will need to choose a 17″ front sink.

If you have a 42″ corner sink base cabinet, you can get away with up to a 24″ sink.

If you are wanting a bigger sink you will need to take that into consideration when choosing the size of your cabinets.

Not only do you need to determine how wide the cabinet is, but you need to measure to make sure you have enough space within the cabinet for your sink bowl.

There are options for smaller kitchens that don’t offer a large base cabinet. You will simply need to choose a shallow sink to ensure you have ample space within the cabinet so you can still store items such as cleaning supplies or even large pots.

white kitchen with stainless appliances and vertical shiplap

Benefits of a Kitchen Corner Sink

There are so many great benefits of using the corner of your kitchen for a sink area.

  1. One of the main reasons a family will choose to use this style of sink is to utilize dead space in their kitchen. It creates a simple solution for use of a space that might otherwise not get used to its fullest.
  2. When you use the corner area of your kitchen, you free up more useful areas of your counter top so you can meal prep and cook more easily. It is much easier to chop and mix on a straight piece of counter and in a small kitchen space every square inch is prime real estate.
  3. I have noticed that many sinks that are placed in the corner are also overlooking nearby windows. This adds natural light while washing dishes and opens up a corner of wall space to let lots of light into the entire kitchen area.
corner kitchen sink and a flower arrangement

Cons of a Kitchen Corner Sink

While corner sinks offer many upsides, there are a few downsides, as well.

  1. Unless you have a spacious kitchen with ample amounts of counter space, you won’t be able to get one of the larger sink designs that is on the market. Modern kitchens have more room so choosing a deep sink isn’t a problem. For more compact kitchens, you are left with a small sink being your only option.
  2. With corner sinks, you still have those dead corner spaces behind the faucet that might be difficult to reach. I recommend adding a fresh or faux flower arrangement, a small kitchen herb garden, or some other pretty decoration to create a focal point.
  3. Placing a sink in the corner means you are working within certain constraints with size. Most kitchens will be able to get a regular sink in their kitchen, so even though you might not be able to have the white farmhouse sink, you can still find something to work.
terra cotta pots filled with herbs on kitchen counter

What do you do with the space behind a corner kitchen sink?

I just touched on what to do with the empty space behind a corner sink.

An excellent solution for filling that space is to bring in beauty to the area.

By using a simple decoration you can change the look throughout the seasons.

If you don’t have a window, you could add open shelving for items you might need to access.

A wicker basket with rolled kitchen towels and washrags would be a great addition to the extra area in the corner.

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