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17 Easy Ways to Get a Cozy Living Room

Today’s post is all about easy ways to get a cozy living room now that the cooler weather has arrived. Sprucing my home for cooler weather (and Christmas) is my very favorite thing to decorate for. And, I love that it doesn’t take much, just a few simple changes, to get a room cozy.

cozy living room piano

Creating a moody, rich space is my go-to for the Christmas season, but for autumn, I like to go with more muted tones.

One of the reasons I like to do this is because it really gives a separation from the seasons. In summer, I get things lively with yellows and greens. Autumn consists of muted, autumnal colors. And, Christmas gives way into rich hues.

A lot of people bring in deep oranges and blacks, but I keep it soft and inviting with a less bold palette.

cozy fire place living room

Why Create a Cozy Living Room?

For most homes, the living room is the hub of the home along with the kitchen. So much of life happens in this room, so it only makes sense to warm it up for the cooler months.

Whether you have a large or small living room, simple changes can take it from summery, bright to cozy, autumn.

Fall beckons us to settle in and prepare for the long winter ahead, so we might as well make it as inviting as possible. 😊

candles and lanterns on mantel

Warmth for a Cozy Living Room

As the temperatures cool and settle in for the long fall and winter, it’s time to warm things up.

The best kind of lighting is from lower sources, such as lamps, candles, and fireplaces. Anything overhead creates a stark feel.

  • Fireplace– If you have a fireplace, get it ready for the cooler temps and use it to add ambiance. Even if you don’t have a fireplace you can grab candles, put them in hurricane jars, and stack them tightly together to form a makeshift fireplace.
  • Candles– A great way to warm up a living room is with lanterns and candles. I love free standing candles, but the glass on lanterns makes things extra pretty, in my opinion. If you can’t find beeswax candles you love, you can make your own for a fraction of the price. I shared how to do that in my Beeswax Candle post.
  • Lamps– If you have a floor lamp or a lamp that tends to run bright, put on a dimmer switch or soft light bulb. Our floor lamp has a dimmer and I love it so much. When we have company, we can make it brighter. When I’m doing my morning reading, I keep it soft and low.
blankets and pillows for cozy

Cozy Textures

During the warmer months, it is good to bring in textures that exude a coolness, such as concrete planters and urns.

When preparing for cooler weather, you should look for textures like wicker and woods.

When it’s hot outside, you want to pull things back and minimize what’s on your surfaces. Cooler weather requires layering and adding to what’s already there.

There are several ways I like to cozy things up with layering and textures.

  • Pillows– Whether you are using a bold, autumnal color scheme or more muted hues, use pillow covers that offer some cozy comfort. Pack away your linen covers and bring out your flannel, wool covers. This year, I’m using a soft terracotta color for my pillows.
  • Blankets– Blankets are essential in our home. Every kid grabs one after breakfast and snuggles on the sofas or by the fireplace. My favorite blanket is our wool Pendleton blanket that is draped over our armchair. The colors carry nicely from fall into winter. A wicker basket full of blankets sits by our vintage piano that was my mother’s when she was a child.
  • Books– “Why books?” you might ask. Stacked books with linen covers are a great way to layer and bring in texture. If you want color, turn them so the spine shows. If you would rather keep things simple, make the pages the focal point. Books also take you back to a time when winter meant long nights, sitting by the fire, and reading a book.
  • Wicker Baskets– Wicker brings the outdoors in, in a way. You, essentially, have a basket of twigs all woven together when you’re dealing with wicker. It’s a nice way to have something useful that also adds warmth.
  • Layered Rugs– This is one that can be tricky, because you have to make sure the rugs create a cohesive feel. It’s also difficult to afford one rug for a large area, let alone two! I have a beautiful blue rug on our living room floor and I’ve layered a small antique rug under our wicker basket. Is the scale correct? Nope, but I’m working with what I’ve got!
faux flowers for fall

Foliage for a Cozy Living Room

Foliage is the answer to so many decor issues, no matter the season. It just so happens that fall is a great time to go foraging for some.

Is the summer, you long for blooms and pretty flowers. The great thing about fall is that you can snip a branch off of a shrub and call it a day!

Anyone can forage for fall foliage because so little is expected- brown branches, leaves of varying colors, and possibly some berries.

Branches aren’t the only acceptable fall foliage. We have other plants that come to mind, too.

  • Pine cones– These are great for fall because they incorporate a warm brown and texture from the individual cones.
  • Pumpkins– Pastel pumpkins of varying sizes and shapes are great for creating a fall vibe without spending too much money.
  • Acorns– If you have an oak tree near by, go underneath it and gather all you can. Bake the acorns on a low temp (250°F) for 30 minutes to kill any critters living inside. Set them in a bowl for an easy decor piece. If you like metallics, paint the smooth nut part of the acorn a metallic gold. This adds a richness to the acorns.
  • Wreaths– You can find simple wreaths anywhere you go, but you can also make your own with some vines or thin branches. I’ve seen lovely eucalyptus wreaths and simple grapevine wreaths that are left plain that add a great feel for fall.
  • Faux Flower Arrangements– I’m all about using live foliage, but I also love a good faux arrangement. I don’t mind changing small things out as needed. Having something that stays nice all season long is a great thing, too! If you need help with faux arrangements, I wrote a post all about it here.
fall piano arrangement

Decor to make a Living Room Cozy

Do you like to switch decor out as the seasons change? I like to change small things, but I’m not one that does a major overhaul to each room each quarter.

A few simple edits can change things enough to make them cozy.

  • Antlers– Layer some antlers on a coffee table or mantel. These work as decor in the winter, too, so you get some longevity out of them. You can find these at antique stores, usually in boxes on the floor.
  • Artwork– Artwork makes all of the difference in a room. It’s easy to change it out, when you look in the right places. If you check the Public Domain you can find excellent artwork that you can print and frame for free.
  • Firewood– Every fall, when the weather shifts, I bring up my leather fire holder and stack some wood in it. This is a simple edit that automatically creates thoughts of warmth.
  • Amber Bottles– These can be found anywhere- amazon, thrift stores, antique stores, junk stores. You can either stack them together without anything in them. Or, you can put tiny twigs of foliage in them to create some height.
fall coffee table arrangement

Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone to entered! This was the MOST FUN giveaway I have ever done.

The winners are below. I will email them and if I don’t hear back in a day I will draw another winner.

Happy fall, everyone!

  • Jenn V
  • Ginette

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  1. Fall is so cozy! I love cool fall evenings, warm soup and bread, and sitting by a fire with a sweater and some apple cider. My kids and I decorated for fall early in September and I loved having them help! They each wanted to put gourds and pumpkins in specific places. It was so fun! So it’s probably a new tradition. And now my 6 year old is always asking to light candles. 🙂 another cozy fall favorite!

  2. We love driving up our canyon to look at Fall leaves. We live near Sundance and there’s an Aspen Grove with glowing yellow leaves, Autumn colored trees, and evergreens. It’s beautiful.

  3. Fall is the best time of year for stroller walks with my two littles. The weather is perfect for walking around the neighborhood or visiting a park close by!

  4. We have one of those old fashioned plug in bubble lights in the shape of a jack o’lantern… we know it’s Fall when Jack makes his appearance in the kitchen for the month of October!

  5. I’m loving all of this fall inspiration! Books are the way to go for me! Stacks of books give me such a cozy feeling space

  6. Now that we’re in California I miss the fall foliage of the northeast. I do my best to cozy up and decorate our home so my children can experience and enjoy the seasonal change. Love your tips!

  7. I just switched out my white tapers for beeswax ones, & they make me so happy! I love the cozy look they give. I need to check out your post on making beeswax candles…it’s been a while since I’ve made some & we have lots of beeswax from our bee hives.

  8. Fall is my favorite! The trees changing, the tastes and smells, the decorations (not Halloween though), and hunting! Happy Fall

  9. Another favorite thing about fall is the change in trees. We live in town, but we are the last street backed up to a field with a beautiful row of trees. We have a huge picture window, and it’s so fun to see my children notice the changes through the seasons.

  10. I feel as if I cozy up our home all Autumn long as if it were Thanksgiving. Having warmth in the home to bring connection. Sharing delicious foods over candlelight dinners. Reading books to our children in the evening by the fire. And lots of Edison bulbs in our lamps. haha! So many ways to cozy up the home. I am excited to hear and see what you do for Christmas, too! You shared bringing in moody and rich hues – now I’m intrigued.

  11. Fall candles and/or Essential oils with a little bit of that cool morning air is my favorite sign of Fall!

  12. Great ideas!
    I love how nature and His creation celebrates the changing of the season with the rich colors and crisp smells.

  13. I love changing out my bedding and blankets to snuggle in something warm when it cools off in the fall

  14. Fall meals. I love warm soups and chili’s. Baking apple pie, cookies, and anything with pumpkin!

  15. I enjoy going to pumpkin patches with my children in the fall. We went to one today with a few other sweet, homeschool families from our church!

  16. I bought a fun fringey fall pillow for the couch and ordered a suede burnt orange dress. Is that enough? I do love fall…. My fall decor is packed away since we moved and that’s kinda sad!

  17. I love decorating my Thanksgiving table with items from our walks. Leaves, sweet gum balls, pinecones and acorns.

  18. We live deep in the country and have a large front porch, so on cool fall mornings my hubby and I like to enjoy our coffee outside on the porch watching the sun come up through the trees.

  19. I appreciate the explanations for the “whys” of what I knew were autumn touches. Your decorating posts are so helpful for someone like me to whom it doesn’t come easily! Thanks friend

  20. This was my morning inspiration. I so enjoyed reading these posts. I want to get to know all of these lovely ladies. Thanks for your care in this community you’ve created. It’s a tender sweet space.❣️

  21. Fall is a busy time of year for us but full of celebrations. We have a few birthdays and our anniversary! This year we also have a wedding in the family to celebrate

  22. I love fall for the coziness and the family memories it always brings. I’m always ready for a fresh, new season, especially after the heat of summer! We recently got a porch swing, which I think will be my new favorite thing- sitting on the swing with my little girls while reading a book, enjoying the crisp fall air and looking at our mums and pumpkins♥️

  23. Cozy fall! I love candles, but with young ones running around the house I just splurged on a diffuser. Do you diffuse any scents specifically in the fall that you love?

    1. I LOVE everything fall decor. Especially the natural decor my kiddo brings in (acorns, leaves, corn from the garden) But I do like to keep it simple because with a lot I tend to get overwhelmed by the amount I have to put away at the end of the year. Haha. Less is better and I right!.

  24. I love everything about fall! The changing leaves, the coziness, the slowing down that seems to happen. And I love how you’ve added cozy but not clutter to your living room! So inviting

  25. I’m loving everyone’s responses!! I have a favorite cinnamon tea that I drink in the early mornings and evenings. It has wonderful flavor and just shouts ‘autumn’ with every sip.

    1. Ooo, that sounds like something I’d enjoy! Please do share the brand here, (if that’s an okay thing to do).

      1. Yes! Most certainly! It’s by Harney + Sons – called Hot Cinnamon Sunset 🙂 It has cinnamon, oranges and cloves in it. It’s truly a favorite around here!! I hope you enjoy it!

  26. LOVE this and your style. Its warm, inviting, and lived in without being too much. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see how the space transforms for Christmas.

  27. Autumn is the season of curling up with a blanket to watch a heart-warming movie, sipping tea with a friend, reading a book by the windowsill, enjoying soups and stews. It’s a wonderful time to see the colourful food in the market, smell the crisp air, feel the moist soft fog on your skin and changing of the colour of the leaves on all kinds of trees. OH, autumn, how I adore you.

  28. I LOVE this time of year! We named our house the hygee homestead. Hygee is a Dutch word and it’s a way of living cozy, comfy, and enjoying family and friends. My goal is to do this in our home so that we enjoy it and can share it with others. Thanks for this post lots of great ideas I will incorporate to our hygee.

  29. We live in Alabama, so we have a while before we get good fall weather, but pulling out my sweaters today and can’t wait!

  30. During fall, I love baking apple pie with the apples from our tree!! It is a tradition I now enjoy doing with my daughter as well!!

  31. I love the coziness of fall when I can curl up in my chair under my favorite throw with a cup of hot cinnamon sunset tea.

  32. We’ve started the tradition of renting a remote cabin in the woods the first week of November each year. It is so lovely! We unplug, hike, read, build fires, cook together, talk a whole lot, etc. It’s become one of our favorite things each fall.

    1. Wow! This sounds SO lovely!! I love how you take time as a family to intentionally connect. What a beautiful tradition you’ve started! I could see our family thoroughly enjoying something like this, too.

  33. Love the crisp weather! Pull out the cozy throws and jewel toned colors. Decorate with pumpkins and wreaths and mums. Truly my favorite season

  34. Plenty of fluffy blankets, old books and candles are how I like to cozy up my space! I incorporated amber bottles to my fall mantle this year, and I’m loving the warm color!

  35. To me, Autumn is a seson of getting closer with my family, to spend more time together, in the cosiness of home or at nature walks. Also, a season to reflect, to look inside my soul, to set some new goals and begin slowly moving towards them. One of my goals this autumn is to bring more nature into our home, especially in decor, so thank you for all the tips and inspiration! Your home is just beautiful!

  36. I live in Florida and we have fall here but it’s just very different feeling. Like a mini glimpse, a quarter step towards cozy moody but not going the full distance. And just as it’s here it feels like summer is just around the corner again. So I love seeing your home fully embracing and enjoying fall. It’s one way I get to feel and experience fall in a way that I can’t here in Florida!

  37. Love all of these tips! Especially the ones on lighting and texture! So excited about the cooler weather and coziness that fall brings.

  38. I love all things cozy! And I totally agree lots of comfy blankets make a room! I just wish I could get my hubby on board with rugs. I think I read your rug post maybe a month ago? I thought it was super helpful, but my husband feels like that’s an unnecessary purchase. I agree they are expensive especially for the size that we would need. But I think it would make a huge difference. I’ll keep trying

  39. Your space has such a comfy, moody feel to it! I love it. Candles, lots of tapers, and some scented ones too, are one of my favorite ways to cozy up my house

  40. Such a beautiful post. Fall is my favorite time of year. I always pick acorns from my yard. Never thought to bake them, will definitely do that this year.

  41. I love how simple you kept these decoration ideas! I have two under two, but I could definitely add some fall flair to my living room with even just one or two of these ideas!

  42. Another thing I really enjoy about fall is the shift in clothing. My closet is geared more towards fall, so I’m excited to get out all of my comfy clothes!

  43. There are so many things I love about fall. I love soups, fires, candles, pumpkin and the sweet refreshing smell of the air. There is just something about that first cool crisp morning when you realize the season is transitioning

  44. Fall is my favorite season! I like to slowly pull out things for the new season over the period of a few weeks. My kids love to run around the house when they get home from school and see what’s “new”!

  45. There is so much to love about fall! Recently my very favorite thing about fall has been watching the big maple tree in our front yard change from green to yellow to bright orange before the leaves fall off. My little girls love this too ☺️

  46. I love the change in the season. That noticeable shift to cooler air, open windows and doors. My absolute favorite time of the year!

  47. I love the feeling of good change that the autumn brings. Cooler weather (eventually haha), beautiful colors, family gatherings, and coziness indoors. I love the heartier recipes, baking, and alllllll the cups of tea. And of course, the very little rain we ever see in these parts sometimes comes in the fall! Love it!

  48. Love this blog post! Fall feels like a fresh, cool, clean reprieve after the hot and heavy months of a Midwest summer. My favorite season as I prepare myself and my home for winter. I’ll be adding these little touches to our home as I snuggle our house in for the season. Thanks!!

  49. I love watching all the leaves change as well as nice fall walks with the family. Also, a big fan of a warm cup of tea and a good book to cozy up with!

  50. Candles and fires outside with cozy blankets make for some wonderful memories! I enjoy your posts so much, Liz☺️

  51. I love Fall….

    Fall is better than New Years Eve for resolutions. Fall resolutions are quiet and forgiving. “To-Do Lists” are for the season, not the year. It’s the perfect time to promise I’ll make my mom’s pot roast, stack pumpkins on the front step, and make pumpkin pancakes with extra maple syrup and not even feel guilty.

    1. I love that idea of Autumn being more of a season for resolutions! I would agree. Although I do love the fresh start a new year brings, I also love fresh starts in the change of seasons. It feels much more attainable to have a few things on our ‘to-do/resolution’ list at the beginning of each season vs. starting the year with too much expectations and then feeling terrible when I fail most of them. Thanks for the idea!

  52. So much to love, but watching my girls play soccer and volleyball on the weekends is my favorite. I look forward to it each fall.

  53. I get overly excited to pull out all my chunky knit sweaters. There’s something so cozy and joyful about having a sweater on! They make me giddy!

  54. Cozy, that’s what I love about the fall season. It means warm spices in candles, baked goods and lattes. Warmth under blankets and fireplace fires. It’s a blessing that God gives us these changes and seasons for all things.

  55. I love Autumn because of the changes outdoors, the crisp air, colors in leaves and the feeling that anything is possible. I also love to go on walks and short hikes to see the mountains changing right before me. God is such a wonderful creator.

  56. I love putting out pumpkins. We buy the little packages of minis that are different colors and my daughter loves placing them in our usual spots around the house. That’s usually the day I bake SOMETHING pumpkin. This year it was muffins. ❤️

  57. Autumn is my favorite season to tuck in the house. For us that means bringing all the extra throw blankets out of storage so they are available at a moment’s notice.

  58. Thank you for these great tips! Fall is my favorite season! This year we are making beeswax candles for the first time and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  59. Fall is the best all around! Great weather, great food, yes. But also, I love ending the year on a strong note. I love anticipating what activities we can squeeze in by the new year and then also thinking about my goals for the next year. Planning relieves anxiety for me. This time of year contains less stress for me than other times of the year, at least for the season I’m living in right now.

  60. I’ve pulled out my brass candlesticks, and have been incorporating burnt orange and rich maroon colors. It is also the start of soup season!

  61. We don’t do a ton – change out the mantle decorations and throw pillows. Hang an autumn wreath. This year we instituted “Fall Cleaning” instead of “spring cleaning” since fall/winter is when we have the most guests. We do tidy up the backyard (we live in Texas so summer is the season where we spend the LEAST time out there). So ready for the cooler weather!

  62. I like to prepare for fall by switching out which essential oils I’m diffusing in the house, changing out the textures and colors in my hutch, and hanging seasonal wreaths on my exterior doors. This year, my husband and I are lucky enough to be home owners and so I’ll be adding to my list by decorating the front porch with some pumpkins, hay bales, mums, and maybe even a homemade scare crow! I also like to start cooking soups and heartier desserts.

  63. I love it all! Fall decorations inside and outside.. sweaters and comfy clothes.. crock pot meals and soups.. apples! Fall is the best!

  64. In the fall, I enjoy utilizing our fire pit area more. My husband has worked really hard on making our backyard an oasis.

  65. We put out simple pumpkin decor, switch out the front hall wreath, pull out my go-to list of family favorite fall recipes, and switch out our clothing and bed linens

  66. Just beautiful! Fall brings the changing colours, crisp air, and the warm fires and beverages, cozy blankets and candles, and comfort food that we crave. Fall is my favourite!

  67. I love this! I’ve never really known how to decorate and have been itching to start feeling the fall around here so this is perfect timing. Thank you for sharing!

  68. I love cool fall temps that mean open windows! Love baking a fresh loaf of bread to go with warm soup, while listening to piano music.

  69. I received an email from you today with a yummy recipe for smoked mac and cheese from scratch that I will definitely have to try and saw where we can enter each day for your fabulous giveaway. This is me entering again. 🙂 I also get to drool over your cozy living room pictures again. 😉

  70. We’re making a bucket list this year with our three year old! Just had baby #2 and I really don’t want to lose that one on one time with her… We’ll be picking pumpkins and decorating the house together

  71. Fall for me is a shift, not just in the atmosphere around me, but the internal push to let go of things, embrace new things while standing firm on what never changes, God. Often, during this time of year I find it hard, but worthy of receiving the gift of shifting shadows and unwavering beauty of God’s steadfastness. It calls me into the light and helps me breathe the breaths that have been held in for so long. Changes in our home, settling into “staying in” starts calling me deeper and I gain momentum in the desire to be still in the belonging of this season. Through it all, I do wish to linger as long as possible because the letting go really comes when autumn ends and winter peeks in.

  72. I love all of your ideas! I’ve taken a more simplistic approach to seasonal decor myself. I usually change out my throw pillow covers to a rusty color and the fabric is more of a suede. I will sit small pumpkins here and there. Change my front door wreath, and of course my kids help when they bring leaves and acorns in from our walks. Another thing I like to do is switch out photographs in my smaller frames of our family that coincide with the current season.

  73. All the warm earthy tones and bringing in pops of orange in our home. Wearing sweaters in the early am because that’s the only time it s cold here in SoCal.

  74. I love everything about fall!! But what I love the most is the connection it brings. Fall draws our family + friends together with the fall birthdays, cozy campfires, apple + pumpkin picking, baking, all the leaf activities and more!

  75. I love fall because it’s the beginning of the holiday season and there is just something so comforting about fall, the crisp air, leaves changing colors, and your cozy living room post is the perfect way to invite the outside in. Love!

  76. The thing I love most about the fall is watching my kids adapt to the season. The youngest two running and crunching through leaves, as the older two children put on sweaters and sip coffee and tea.

  77. Beautiful ideas to create coziness. I do several of the things you’ve listed. Pillow and blankets being my favorite. I have a big wicker basket that I bring to the living room and stuff it with our softest, coziest blankets. This year I’m also adding some new heavy, woven curtains that I’ll be sewing myself to really turn up the cozy

  78. I’m excited to add more candles in the mix and look forward to making our own beeswax candles soon! I love the amber touches with real candles lit throughout a space. Love all the tips you shared Liz!

  79. I love the cool, crisp air. I love the coziness of warm sweaters and slippers, the fireplace, soups and stews, hot beverages and baked goodies, the scents! I could go on and on!

  80. I love fall! It is my favorite season! Your post brings so much warmth and comfort to the season! I love decorating for fall and making the house feel more cozy!

  81. We start making fires in the morning and having bone broth hot chocolate as a pre dinner snack! It is so cozy feeling!

  82. I love this post! So many great ideas!! Fall is my favorite because of the cooler weather outside and all the cozy things inside! Candles, baking, fires in the fireplace! The smells and tastes of fall are my favorite too!

  83. I love all of these simple, tasteful fall ideas! I love to add warmth and a coziness for fall that helps us transition from being outside more to inside. Browns, creams, and natural candles are key for me!

  84. So much lovely here! I am terrible at changing seasons in my home. But here fall means:
    -windows open
    -fall candles
    -octoberfest beer
    -baking pies

  85. Wonderful ideas here! Autumn is my favorite season—-and watching the leaves turn color is by far, the thing I love the most. We go on a fall color tour around our state every autumn with family to enjoy and take in the changing of the season!

  86. My oldest (Autumn) was born in October. It has been a tradition to celebrate her birthday every year going to our favorite pumpkin farm.

  87. Being from the Oregon coast where the temps are always between 40 and 70 pretty much year round. Living in the south now, fall is my favorite season! It kicks off the time of year that we can actually get outside and enjoy it! So happy that it seems to be here! And it’s no longer the hot humid season.

  88. When fall comes, I love taking out my cozy sweaters and blankets, also making roasts…but this year, reading your posts gives me ideas for some other touches ! I look forward to creating something new for my family to enjoy

  89. My favorite part of fall is taking the kids out to the farm I grew up on to ride in the combine with Grandpa & relive the memories I had growing up. We are especially thankful for him this year after he almost lost his life in a farming accident this summer. Also, we love picking the pumpkins that Grandma plants for the kids & eating her caramel apples.

  90. I adore everything about this post friend! We bright in some fairy tale pumpkins from the farmers market and are diffusing lots of fall scents right now. Well also make some leaf garlands and cinnamon pine cones for the fireplace. Happy Autumn!

  91. I love fall, warm coffee, apples, bonfires and on and on. But I love it the most because it means winter is next!! I love our MN winters!

    1. We had the last of our warm days yesterday and I’m so pleased. Hopefully it’s true because our weather man has said this 3 times now haha. Either way, I welcome cooler weather. My husband and I joke that we should move further up north despite growing up in the mountains of WV and now living in Ohio. I think perhaps New England would be beautiful. But I do praise God that we love somewhere where we experience all 4 seasons and not in any way extreme.

      1. I love the rhythm of fall and returning to a new normal
        New Bible study and school schedules. I love having everyone returned from summer holidays and our little church full all worshipping our great God.

  92. Collect leaves for garlands, save all my orange and mandarin peels for potpourri, change over to flannel sheets & bring in all my small warm lamps! Oh- and stock up on my beeswax candles:)

  93. I read your blog post earlier lol..but just saw this. I love to use candles and lanterns or candle sticks. Warm and beautiful colors! Usually I have done some orange in with my color scheme but this year it’s creams and a dusty pink with some brown accents. I love to prepare also with fall desserts (pumpkin bread etc) and what we sometimes call “comfort foods.” Chili and cornbread, soups, pot roast etc. I pull out my fall blankets and put them in my wicker baskets. I used to go all out but I have started finding that the simplest decor is just as beautiful and inviting. Fall is my favorite time of year! Oh! And I pull out the sweaters and boots! ❤️

  94. Fall is my favorite season! Lighting candles, buying mums for my front porch, and bringing out all of my fall decor for inside my home are some of the ways I enjoy the season!

  95. I usher in Fall with dried hydrangeas to symbolize the natural transition from warmer to cooler temps. I also love diffusing all the yummy fall scents and burning beeswax candles to replace my former favorite toxic candles.

  96. I always love all of your ideas! We usually swap out blankets & pillows to be a bit cozier. Decorate a bit with some pretty pumpkins & such. Also, our foods change over to more comfort type – soups, chili, etc. Honestly, our fall is spent at the baseball/softball fields, as well as dance class. So, it is nice to come home to cozy.

  97. i change the front door wreath, add beeswax candles a few small pumpkins and fall scents go in the diffuser. Each morning i light the candles, open the living room window (South GA) and drink my coffee in the morning air that is less than 85°.

  98. So many great tips! But I’m shocked by baking the acorns. I just picked acorns yesterday to use as fall math counters, but think I’ll bake them and throw in a vase for our piano.

  99. I love to add extra layers of texture with cozy knit blankets, some throw pillows, and different seasonal foliage. Also extra candles scattered about the house and some heirloom pumpkins on the porch make my heart melt for fall

  100. We recently moved from a palm tree state to an autumn tree state and we are loving it! Beeswax leaves and all the spices things! Loving it!

  101. Fall is my favorite season! Hopefully one day I’ll live where it actually starts to get cold during the fall months, maybe even the leaves will change color!

  102. Autumn is my very favorite! I decorate with pumpkins, fall colored blankets, candles, etc. It’s the start of the coziest months!

  103. Liz, I’m loving all of your content lately. It gives me something quick and meaningful to read daily.
    Lately I’ve been pulling out some battery operated candles that come on at dusk, all the cozy blankets, and a new cream pumpkin pillow.
    I’ve also been baking fall treats and make soups and chilis. I love this time of year!

    1. I love nature walks in the woods in the fall. There’s nothing like heading down a a trail in the woods with beautiful yellow leaves falling around you.

  104. I love decorating for seasons….especially Fall. My mom used to do this all the time when I was growing up and I loved it. I hope my daughters love it and look back and remember feeling the coziness of fall. I like to decorate with the colors of fall— red, yellow, and orange. I am excited to add more fall outside. I ordered the Target jack o lanterns that I saw Liz Marie do a DIY on. So my girls and I will be painting them white this afternoon!

  105. I love making the house as cozy as possible for fall! Good smells, dim lighting, yummy food, soft piles of blankets. I think it helps me to transition away from my favorite season (summer) to really embrace the moody vibes.

  106. So excited for fall. Definitely have been thinking a lot about decluttering and getting the house ready for us to spend more time indoors. Also excited for soups coming back into the meal rotation! So many leftovers 🙂

  107. We pull out more candles, but some small pumpkins for the inside of our home, and bring in greenery from the yard. We also leaves the back door open to let in crisp fall air when we finally get it in Mississippi!

    Love your ideas!

  108. I pull out the warmer throws & bring in elements from nature that say fall. We also make sure to have our warmer jammies and slippers ready to go,

  109. I’m soaking up all your cottage vibes! I love lamplight and candles and cozy blankets too. I make my own soy candles but I’m soon going to try your beeswax method.

  110. So beautiful, as always. We’re also pulling out the cozy blankets, sitting out pumpkins, stocking up on candles and fall baking supplies. Settling our minds and hearts in for the new season – a season of anticipation and joy.

  111. Thank you for the simple ideas. All things I have on hand but need to move around or pull out of storage. I’ve seen more straw/wheat this fall and that goes so well with your muted colors.

  112. I feel like fall finally allows us to slow down and enjoy life but I love the beauty of nature ,the amazing cool mornings and then feeling the warm sun in afternoon, the early dark nights to cozy up and snuggle in before bedtime. Fall is my favorite for sure!!

  113. Love fall! The warm, toasty spices. Cozy sweaters. Warming up by the fire after a beautiful hike. I change out the candles and essential oils to fall scents and also bring in fall colors to my home.

  114. Autumn is absolutely wonderful! All the color, coziness, and the initiation of all the festivities makes me so giddy! I love implementing autumn scented candles all over the house, and placing sweet little pumpkins as decoration throughout the house. Our front door is always decked out with the sweetest scarecrows and pumpkins! For now, it’s only my husband and I, so we try to pair up on our little decorations so that there’ll always be one of me, and one of him side by side . We’ve got two pumpkins, two scarecrows, two of everything! It’s sort of silly, but we wouldn’t have it any other way !
    Thank you Liz for doing this sweet giveaway ☺️!

  115. Great ideas! I try to stock the pantry with many fall staples. And there is nothing like a room scented with a freshly baked apple crumble! The blankets come out and make their permanent homes on the couches.

  116. I love to deep clean and declutter to get ready for fall! It’s so nice to head into the holidays with a home ready to be decorated!

  117. It’s hard to get into the fall mood because we live in the desert and still can have temps in the low 100’s! But I’ll slowly add some fall decor on our kitchen table with some brass candlesticks, cream tapers, and muted, natural-material pumpkins. I also like to add in some fall themed items on our mantels. My favorite fall decor item is a gold and silver beaded pumpkin that sounds terrible but is actually quite subtle and yet so fun!

  118. I love these ideas to make the house feel cozier for fall. One thing I’m looking forward to doing this year is decorating my faux mantle, really just a shelf in our living room. I am going to use some of your tips of soft colors, candles and foliage.

  119. Fall brings to mind comfort food, warm soup and breads, tucking away the summer things and adding in cozy throws, pillows, candles along with natural stems, cones, acorns, squashes, tiny pumpkins. Sitting by a warm crackling fire sipping hot cider and being grateful for the changes the season brings.

  120. I love all your tips! Also love that you can transition a lot of your pieces for different holidays and seasons!
    I love to bring in simple touches like pumpkins and swapping out photos in frames.. but we usually know it’s fall when it’s cooled down enough to start cooking some of our favorite cozy meals ❤️

  121. I love fall baking so I refresh all of my needed spices. I gather my small pewter collection and make a vignette on my dining room table. I add whole nuts and acorns to the base of my hurricane lamps & add creamy candles. I have some cloth pumpkins to bring to the hearth. I wash my quilts so they are ready to use. I add beautiful pumpkins from my garden (or a friend’s!) to my porch and put a fall arrangement on my front door. I decorate with as many real & natural things as I can: pears, pomegranates, nuts, leaves from outside. And I buy new pajamas:) I love fall in Oregon!

  122. I live in the beautiful, but very wet PNW so fall is kind of messy. To prepare, I keep it practical by focusing on our hall tree! I swap out the light sweaters for cozy coats in the closet. The shoe basket gets replaced with slippers and rain boots. I have a tiny basket that holds sunscreen and bug spray and I swap it for scarves, hats, mittens and umbrellas. And my favorite thing to do is get those cinnamon pinecones and keep a basket of them on the bench so it’s the first thing you smell when you walk in!

  123. This is so beautiful! We love the coziness of fall and usually kick things off with a beeswax candle making day. There’s nothing quite like that warm glow during a chilly morning. We also begin stacking wood on the front porch to get ready for the many fireplace fires to come.

  124. My favorite things about fall are the food (soups, breads, pies, etc), decor (trade out my spring/summer greenery for a fall foliage look), and the coziness of lamps and candles when it gets darker earlier.

  125. Fall = all the cozy things and experiences. I find myself feeling refreshed in the meal planning dept — yay for one-pot soupsand stews. In the fall, it feels right and good to linger over a hot cup of something yummy with extended conversation or with a good book.

  126. Fall is my absolute favorite season marked by decorating and lots of baking cozy goodies. But, fall is extra special to me because it reminds me of how grateful I am to be a mama to my girls. I struggled with infertility for years and years. One night, in the middle of the worst of this dark season, my husband and I were talking in the kitchen about our hopes and dreams to he parents. In that moment, I looked up and stared at the October page on my wall calendar, which was adorably designed with a bunch of ghosts and goblins for a Halloween design. I joked and told my husband that I just wanted a house of little ghosts and goblins. Now, years later, I have my three little girls and this time of year I always think back to that calendar and the comment I made. Dreams do come true.

  127. It’s hot here well into winter, so I love incorporating fall hues and natural fall elements into our home. In this season with small children, I use mostly felt and fabric pumpkins, a cream and burnt orange throw on the sofa, and a fall garland on our living room wall and a beautiful wreath my MIL made for us on our door. In the coming years, I’d love to incorporate beeswax candles, dried flowers/foliage, and some ceramic pieces. But I don’t mind the fun, mostly messy autumnal decor for now. Also, homemade pumpkin bread and chai tea!

  128. I love all these cozy ideas!! Making beeswax candles has been on my list for awhile, I’ll need to gather some supplies and do this with this kids ♥️

  129. Great tips! For fall and into winter I like to rearrange my living room furniture to make the pieces a little closer/more intimate/cozy. I also bring out our blanket basket and change the pillows. I am in Fl so it takes a while to get nice fall weather, but on the first day of fall, we crank down the AC so it is cool enough to put a sweater on, bake a fall inspired treat and drink hot chocolate.

  130. We always kick off fall with a special potato soup! I pull out the flannel and pumpkins and get ready to cozy up for the next little while. I love this time of year when you can truly enjoy the season without the rush of the holidays.

  131. I always put lots of pumpkins and mums on the front porch and back patio. Inside, I bring out flannel blankets, lots of beeswax candles, some brass accents and get out my fall mugs.

  132. Love these ideas! So far I e switched out some decor, added some pumpkins and have got a couple candles. I might just try to make beeswax this year as I can’t find any…

  133. I am deep cleaning, lighting candles, and adding natural touches of fall throughout our home. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  134. I decorate for fall the 1st of September. I love making a basket of seasonal books for the kids. I switch them out depending on of it’s fall, Christmas, Valentine’s, or Easter.

  135. My favorite things about fall are spiced hot apple cider, the chill/crispness that is in the air, our church fall festival, and the fact that it is sweater weather. I LOVE sweaters and am always excited to pull them out.

  136. Such a fun fall post! We get ready for fall by making lots of beeswax candles and bringing out some fun fall decorations. We also love picking out mums for the front porch and doing some fun fall baking.

  137. So many fun ideas!!! I love using natural elements (gourds, leaves, acorns, pinecones, etc) and cozy twinkle lights/candles. ❤️

  138. I get ready for fall by adding extra blankets around the house, special hot coffees and getting firewood! I love this time of year.

  139. Liz, this blog post is SO wonderful and helpful!!! Thank you! I love how you shared not only ways to cozy up the home but offered suggestions in how to get the ‘feel’ you’re wanting. I adore your blog! I love bringing out more candles and adding warmth through different pillows and throws. And of course having the cooler evenings and mornings to use our fireplace!!

  140. Lighting candles and getting out cozy blankets are my favorite part of cooler mornings. Also baking something that makes the house smell nice is also wonderful. My senses love autumn.

  141. I know it’s fall when my friend gives me a jar of her apple butter… the best I’ve ever had! I hide it from my kids and slather my toast, waffles and muffins with it every morning until it runs out. Decor wise, I try to hold off until the September birthdays are over (there are 4), so last week of Sept I switch out the book basket to autumn/harvest books and start to bring in a wee pumpkin or two to the mantle and sideboard.

  142. Such great ideas! I love to light candles, make yummy soups, and watch It’s the Great Pumkin, Charlie Brown over and over with the kids.

  143. Just added some mums to my front porch. Also lots of cozy blankets and candles. We went for a walk yesterday and cut some golden rod that I put in a vase in our kitchen. Subtle changes but it added so much.

  144. Definitely candles! I love changing my bedding to darker colors and adding fall scents in my diffuser! Also changing up my coffee mugs to richer colors for my mornings makes me feel all the cozy feels!

  145. Sweaters! Sweaters are the very first fall thing I pull out! They can go over a dress and maybe I am wearing one with sandals, but that’s always my first fall sign!

  146. I LOVE the colors of fall. I also love getting the house more cozy and starting all the baking ideas. My older 2 kids are getting really into baking and wanting to do more fall baking recipes. I also just love the candles and having the slower pace.

  147. Yes!! I love so many of these things!! Beeswax candles, blankets, pillows, books, antlers, artwork are some of the things we use too to make our home cozy with! Colonial is my style and sooo cozy to me! We just remodeled our living and dining room and did old colonial style. Honestly, your home is one of the coziest to me on Instagram!! 🙂

  148. oooh … my favorite time of year!

    I bring in leaves + pinecones from the yard, simmer a cloved orange in cider on the stove, bump up my candle game (all the candles!) and sprinkle a little cinnamon + gingerbread essential oils on my front doormat to welcome family + friends with the cozy scent of autumn. Happy fall all of you goddesses!

  149. I love to get ready for fall by stocking up on teas and hot chocolate. I also make sure our favorite throws are out for snuggling up and watching movies. Another must are fall diffuser blends. Fall is our favorite time of year.

  150. I love this post. I am a big fan of implementing hygge. These ideas jive perfectly with that!! Love the book idea – I had never though of displaying the books with the pages visible. Simple idea but effective. I’m going to try it on my book shelves. Fall is the most tranquil time of year! I like antler idea too. Basically bringing the outdoors in while keeping it warm. Thanks for the awesome ideas as always!!

  151. We get ready for fall by first buying a lot of hot chocolate and taking stock of what Fall decorations we still have. Then we light some candles and get to work. I like to switch our different bowls and storage items for each seasons. Wicker baskets filled with leaves or small pumpkins is easy to do. A brown fruit bowl that sits on the middle of our table brings a simple touch of fall.

  152. I’m obsessed with your blog! I don’t know how I stumbled on it, but all of your posts are so applicable to my life and are so helpful, inspiring, and encouraging. I just decorated for fall and in Southern California it only gets mildly cold so I decorate with a few old books, candles, and pumpkins. But I love your idea about creating a cozy living room with the decorating.

  153. It’s so interesting how we kind of naturally begin to add warmth to our homes at the beginning of the fall/winter season. When I first got my own place I used to go all out with holiday decorations, now that I’m “older”, I love to add the feel of the holidays over the mass amount of generic decoration. Although I still love me some pumpkins and Christmas trees!

  154. Ah! So beautiful! Our living space is so small, I usually don’t put forth much seasonal decor effort – but your photos and simple touches make me want to do better about making each season special in our space! I also love the earth tones in your home and photos – I’m a photographer and it makes my moody/earthy heart so happy! Hahah

  155. I love this post! I always want to decorate for the season but never really know how! Thank you for making it simple!

  156. I love your cozy living room! Such simple yet impactful ideas. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I am so ready to settle in. Thank you for sharing!

  157. September- December is my favorite time of year!! I live where it gets to be cold and snowy! The evenings are for cuddling with blankets, books and I always have twinkle lights in different areas of my Livingroom I use those instead of lamps and over head lights.

  158. This is lovely! I don’t have lots of decor but I got a really nice Longaberger basket at a garage sale for pennies and added pine cones and some dried grass. It looks so fallish. I love it! Thanks also for hosting the giveaway. I love Sally Clarkson in particular, so I’d love to own her books!

    1. September through December are my favorite months to shop. I love adding a new sweater or two to my stack every fall. I always get my boys new sweaters too. It makes me so happy to see them cozied up when the weather turns cold. I buy A LOT of hot drink supplies each fall. I also start thinking of all of the entertaining that is to come. I begin picking up treats to stash away for when guest come. I picked up two boxes of macaroons and a delicious fall cheesecake sampler today! The cheesecake will be perfect when we host Thanksgiving this year!

  159. I love all of these ideas! Autumn is my favorite season so I’m all for the cozy atmosphere! And I love how you mentioned pine cones…my husband this I’m a little bonkers for keeping “pretty ones” when I find them out and about. 🙂

  160. I love this! I don’t usually swap out too much decor for fall but I do pull out our cozier knit blankets for the living room and of course get a cinnamon broomstick from Trader Joe’s! We’re looking at houses and I’m hoping whatever we find has a fireplace for some extra coziness

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