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How to get a Cozy Minimalist Bedroom

We are still a few weeks away from consistent fall weather being here, but this week is supposed to be fall-ish and I decided it was as good a time as any to fluff my bedroom for fall. Today, I’m sharing a few ways to get a cozy minimalist bedroom for fall.

white bedroom with a wooden chair

I love “cozy” all year ’round, but when leaves start changing and the air turns crisp, the amount of cozy I want really gets turned up.

Fall is the time when it seems completely appropriate to sip a cinnamon latte while snuggled in a fluffy blanket and reading a book.

It’s also the time when candles are burned on a daily basis and our days get shorter. I’m working on being patient as I wait for all of these cozy things, but I am not being patient in waiting to deck my bedroom out for the season.

wooden chair in front of a window

How do you create a Cozy Bedroom?

There are a lot of ways to create a cozy bedroom, but these are just a few things I think of and make note of when transitioning our room from summer to fall:

  • warm lighting
  • warm colors
  • fall foliage
  • cozy blankets
  • pumpkins
  • cozy smells
  • vintage quilts
  • stacks of books
  • natural elements, like antlers and pine cones

Cozy Minimalist Bedroom on a Budget

I don’t go overboard when it comes to creating a warm, inviting bedroom. I prefer a cozy minimalist bedroom with an emphasis on “minimalist,” but there are some things that instantly make it seem prepared for autumn and don’t cost a ton.

One thing I recommend, especially if you are a family that likes to budget, is to think of ways to cozy things up without spending a bunch of money.

I try to make sure I buy things that will last through several autumn seasons so that I’m not buying stuff each and every year. I, typically, like to buy one new item a year to make things feel fresh and exciting, but the rest gets recycled year after year.

faux flowers on a vintage rug

Cozy Minimalist Bedroom DIYs

Some other ways to create a autumnal feel without blowing the budget is to DIY some simple projects, such as:

  • Pillow covers– grab some fabric you already have or that you find for cheap and make some simple pillow covers. Plaids and lines in fall or muted colors are great for warming things up.
  • Foliage arrangements– If you don’t have faux stems, grab some foliage from your yard and bring it in to make things feel more fallish. If you need some help finding good faux stems, I have an entire post about that.
  • Baskets– Baskets are a great way to add warmth and not add a major expense. Maybe shift things around and bring a basket that doesn’t get used from another room into your bedroom. Toss some blankets in it for cool nights. Thrift stores also have baskets for great prices, if you need new ones!
  • Curtains– Along the lines of the pillow covers, there are great tutorials out there for DIY curtains. It doesn’t take much. All you need is some adhesive tape and enough fabric to create your curtains. If you can’t find fabric you like, consider a simple drop cloth curtain. They are usually long enough to create a beautiful “pooling” effect on the floor, which is cozy and glamorous. I think window treatments add so much to a space, so don’t forget about them!
  • Wreath– Most people think of wreaths when they want to dress up their front door, but don’t underestimate the impact of a neutral wreath on your bedroom door. I love putting greenery on my door once the seasons turn and there isn’t much to look at outside. Wreaths are also great because you can find wreath forms cheap at thrift stores and grab faux greens from a hobby store when they are on a steep sale.
faux flowers and a diffuser on a night stand

Cozy Lighting

I know I shared about cozy lighting in my Cozy Kitchen post, but it can’t be ignored for the bedroom, either.

Lighting is everything when you are looking to change the feel of a room, especially when we are talking about lighting during a time that begins the long nights of fall and winter.

Whether you have lamps in your bedroom, or whether you are wanting to add some to your nightstand, make sure you choose a warm light bulb for your room. It instantly makes your room inviting.

Overhead lighting is harsh and doesn’t help much when it comes to creating a cozy ambience, so stick with a few lamps to create the warm feeling you are going for.

There are even flickering lightbulbs that give the look of a candle or lantern. If you have an accent lamp in your room, a flicker lightbulb would add so much to the space at night!

blue bedding on a dresser

Cozy Bedding

I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a bedding collector (not really, but I do love quilts). I love having different quilts and comforters to throw on my bed. It easily changes the feeling of my room with very little effort.

Closet space is running out due to the amount of quilts and bedding I have acquired.

Layering bedding is one of the best ways to bring a warmth to your bedroom. Take off your light, white comforter and throw on something with a richer color.

This year, I’m packing away my white and gray heritage quilt and I’m dressing my bed with a rich, blue quilt that I’ve saved back.

If you couple a beautiful quilt with stacked pillows on your bed, you are well on your way to a cozy bedroom.

a wicker basket full of blankets

Cozy Blankets

Every home needs a basket full of blankets, in my humble opinion. I like to choose simple blankets for spring and summer and bring out more substantial ones for fall and winter.

When things turn brown outside, it’s nice to have some bits of color inside.

Blankets are a great way to bring in some color, without it being overwhelming in the space. I like to keep things minimal in our home, so having a ton of color doesn’t work for my decor taste.

But, having bits of color here and there DOES work for any space.

What blankets are good for the fall season?

Let’s talk about some types of blankets that are wonderful for the fall season:

  • Plaid blankets– Plaid is a timeless and fun pattern. You can find neutral plaids in tans, browns, and creams if you like subtle colors. Or, you can go bold with oranges, reds, and golds for a more festive look!
  • Vintage Quilts– High quality quilts are hard to come by and even harder to get without paying a huge price. If you ever find some in your grandma’s attic or at a thrift store, be sure to snag them. Layering a red and white, vintage quilt at the foot of any bed brings in so much charm.
  • Faux Fur– Faux fur blankets create instant cozy and are perfect for curling up in for a Sunday nap. You can find faux fur blankets at most decor stores these days and they give a nod to the nordic style of decor.

Ways to use blankets in your room

If you have a small room, or you don’t know how to bring blankets into your bedroom decor, let me share a few simple thoughts to get you started.

Grab a basket and put your folded blankets into the basket. Set it in a corner where they can be easily accessed, but still be out of the way.

Tossing a blanket, casually, on the foot of your bed is a great way to add some charm without taking up more space. Then, it’s right there when you need an extra layer at night.

Fold plaid blankets and stack them on top of your dresser. This will add layers and softness to your dresser and give some height to your decor.

If you have a sitting chair in your room, lay a blanket over the back of the chair or the arm of the chair to create a layered look.

faux flowers for fall on a night stand

Faux Fall Floral Arrangements

One thing I love about faux arrangements is that they last all season long. I do like bringing in foliage from outdoors, but faux arrangements are just so simple.

Oftentimes, when I look at pictures of homes that are decorated so well, I don’t realize that the floral arrangements are what make the room feel extra layered.

They usually are tucked away in a corner or on a nightstand and it’s easy to not take note of them, but they add a huge visual impact.

I used to disregard the impact of a floral arrangement, but now that I’ve started placing them in my home, I can’t stop.

Fall is a great time to start adding in some faux florals. Fall florals are so natural looking and they are hard to mess up, just in case you are worried that it’ll look like a second grader did it if you create one for your own home.

The Best Artificial Fall Flowers

Here are some great, and simple, faux florals that are wonderful for bringing in the fall vibe:

  • Eucalyptus leaves– These are great because they come in multiple colors- green, red, and orange, and they look great paired with other stems or on their own.
  • Sunflowers– If you are looking for a statement flower, sunflowers are a perfect flower.
  • Pampas Grass– This was very in style the last few years, but it is also a classic that has been in fall arrangements for decades. Pampas grass has a soft, airy look to it, but it also fills up the space it’s in, so its is a great option!
  • Cotton Stems– These little puffs of white on a brown stem make a great filler for fall arrangements.
  • Pomegranate Stems– This particular stem has a woody, brown stem with small leaves on it and red berries. It would also transition beautifully into the Christmas season.
blue bedding on a bed for fall

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to decorate a cozy bedroom for fall?

The best time to decorate a cozy bedroom for fall is between September and October. There is time to enjoy the fall decor before it’s time for the Christmas Season.

How can I make a bedroom feel cozy?

1. Layer- blankets, books, pillows
2. Warm lighting- lamps and candles
3. Textiles- cozy bedding and rugs
4. Cozy color palette

How can you decorate for fall on a budget?

1. DIY simple projects with things around your house- curtains, pillows, wreaths
2. If you buy something, make sure it is timeless and can be used year after year.
3. Use items from nature- twigs, pine cones, branches, etc.

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  1. Feeling inspired to go fluff my room today!! Can I ask where your found those lovely white flowers pictured with the eucalyptus and cotton? They’re beautiful!

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