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I remember back in the day when I used to blog, long before Instagram, and everyone would share products, posts, recipes, or home decor they loved… just for the fun of it. Today, I’m sharing a few things I’m loving lately!

I'm loving a candle lit on a side table

This week, I’m sharing everything from a family favorite recipe that we eat all throughout the cold months to a book that I pull out and read before each school year begins.

There’s also a Christmas list item that I’m hoping you all give me rave reviews about and a blog post I’m sharing regarding home interiors.

I hope you enjoy my favorites this week!

green and white polkadot dress I'm loving

Dress I’m Loving

I shared in my summer capsule post that I moved towards wearing more dresses on a day-to-day basis. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how that would work out.

My days are filled with lots of “todos” and I was a bit worried that a dress wouldn’t be practical.

I wear a dress at least twice a week now and I love how easy they are. They just slide on and the entire outfit is complete! Not to mention, you look like you tried a lot harder than you actually had to, when wearing a dress.

Over the last month, I have purchased two dresses from this shop. They are light and have the cutest patterns.

They aren’t lined, but I wear them without a slip and have had no issue with them being see-through. I wanted to share them because the patterns are darling and they are so comfortable.

mom cooking breakfast in the dark

Going on my Christmas List

Last year, I started updating all of my pajamas. I shared a bit about that on Instagram as I bought a few new things.

All of my pajamas were ratty and 15 years old. 😂 Let’s just say, it was time for an update.

This year, I need to replace some of my loungewear. I am still wearing pants from my pregnancies (they are just so comfortable!) and they look… well, terrible.

I haven’t tried Tommy Johns loungewear, but I am going to put a set on my Christmas list this year. I’d really like to swap out some of my old pants and tops for some newer ones that are a good quality.

If you have tried Tommy Johns and have an opinion, please leave it in the comments! I’d love to know your thoughts.

Video I’m Loving

A question I receive quite often is if I still eat Plant-based all of the time. Years ago, I started eating plant-based and it was an amazing change for my body.

After a few years of eating that way, I began to bring in more meats in small portions. I eat plant-based 80% of the time now.

One thing I have noticed that I do is intermittent fasting (IF). I didn’t even realize it was a “thing” until I saw these videos.

I’m not a doctor, or anything, but after researching and digging for info on IF, I do thing there’s something to it!

There’s an entire series that Jennifer did on IF, which I think is very well done and simple to understand. I thought I’d share them with you in case you were interested!

Recipe I’m Loving

This recipe has been in our fall/winter rotation for eons. A friend shared it with me and I have been making it ever since. It’s often a birthday request, so that tells you how yummy it is!

I have a whole list of recipes in the RECIPE section of this blog, so be sure to check there for dinner inspiration, too!

antique buffet next to a fireplace

Post I’m Loving

I thought this post about Movies and how they impact Interiors was spot on. Julia listed several movies that she goes to to get inspiration for her home and I loved almost every one she listed.

If you’re needing some inspiration for your home and you feel stuck… hop to her post!

I also recently shared a post about my Vintage Gallery wall, which I am LOVING. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check that out, too!

candle on top of book with a wooden match

Book I’m Loving

This is a book I read every August, usually. Summer meals get a little wonky and unreliable, which is fine for summer, but I need more intention once the school year comes.

I’m sharing one of my favorite books for setting my mind and heart in regards to meal time right. I cannot recommend it enough. If you aren’t a big reader, you can totally skim it and still walk away feeling inspired to make mealtime, tea time, and popcorn time special.

If you’re a book lover and want a few more book ideas, I shared my book list this past January. You can see that post here.

Happy Weekend!

That’s it for this week! There has been a lot of new stuff on the blog lately. Make sure you don’t miss anything! I will share the newest posts below.

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