Favorite Things Friday 5

I remember back in the day when I used to blog, long before Instagram, and everyone would share products, posts, recipes, or home decor they loved… just for the fun of it. Today, I’m going to share my favorite things from the past few weeks.

pink and blush peonies in a clear vase on a white coffee table

Favorite Spring Decor Item I’m Loving

I shared in one of my youtube videos that I am looking for a vintage wicker basket to hang on my door.

My friend Andrea from Pine and Prospect Home has one that hangs on her door and I have always loved the charm it adds to her entry.

I’ve also seen some hanging on the outside of front doors with a beautiful faux floral arrangement tucked in it.

They seem timeless and brighten up a space while also bringing in some beauty.

I found one that would be perfect for this and they are at a good price point, too!

woman with a green skirt and tan sweater on

Capsule Wardrobe Item I’m Loving

I have been on the hunt for a staple piece to add to my capsule wardrobe and I have yet to find one that is made well and also a decent price point.

There are several that are perfect, but a wee bit out of my price range.

I saw one at The Loft that I loved, but I’m waiting for a big sale to grab it.

One thing I like is that it is longer and will cover my rear.

My plan is to wear it with a basic top underneath and a pair of black Spanx. Also… I got Spanx when they were running a major sale last December and they are truly the best leggings when you want to feel supported.

Simple Living gift guide ideas

Kid Gift Idea

I am not much on recommending toys, but this was given to my girls this last Christmas and it gave them hours of enjoyment.

I even bought refills to put in their spring baskets here in a few weeks.

My younger girls (7 and 9) spent hours making little figures and then gifting them to all of their friends and family.

It didn’t make a mess and everything was contained in the kit it came in.

If you need a gift idea, I highly recommend this for kids who are old enough to not put things in their mouths anymore.

faux flowers laying on a diving room table

Best Faux Plant I’m Loving

I took a leap and bought a faux plant off of amazon last week.

It is so cute and realistic that I had to share it with you!

I decided to go with a small thyme tree and it looks so realistic.

The pot isn’t the best, but I plan to put it in a different vessel, anyway.

If you are needing a nice plant to add to a space in your home, this one is a winner.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Things I’m Loving.” Let me know if there’s anything you’ve been loving in the comments!

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