Favorite Things Friday

I remember back in the day when I used to blog, long before Instagram, and everyone would share products, posts, recipes, or home decor they loved… just for the fun of it. Today, I’m sharing a few things I’m loving lately!

This week I’m sharing a lot of favorites that I get asked about on Instagram, plus some inspiration for the weekend ahead.

Every week, there are similar questions that end up in my DMs on Instagram and I end up answering them over and over. I thought that this week I would make one blog post where all of the answers were to make things easier.

Favorite Bibles

I use two bibles for my bible reading. One is a Holman version and one is an ESV version. I love them both and use them both.

My Holman is a study bible that has some notes at the bottom of each page. The ESV is a simple bible that has a small margin on the side for notes.

I have had my Holman for years and only switched to the ESV because that is what our pastor uses when he preaches. If it weren’t for that, I’m not sure I would’ve made the switch.

Favorite Drinks

I have two main drinks that I sip during the day, besides coffee. I have shared my favorite coffee finds before, but I haven’t shared my favorite “other” drinks.

Sparkling water has my heart, but there is one brand that is better than the rest. You can trust me on this because I have tried every brand out there. If you need sparkling water, you need to drink Waterloo water. The flavor and fizz is just better.

Another drink I love is tea. During the cold months, I drink tea every evening as I hang out with Mark. I have a couple that I love and want to share with you:

Favorite Makeup Items

I have always loved makeup and skincare. I have, recently, found two products that have blown me away in performance.

The lash serum has made a big difference in the thickness, health, and length of my lashes and eyebrows.

The mascara is a clean mascara that I couldn’t believe worked so well. I could tell it nourished my lashes and they didn’t dry out at all. There was no flaking, either.

The mascara isn’t waterproof, so keep that in mind. Other than that, it is hands-down the best one I’ve tried.

I shared on IG that I bought the whole makeup set (it is the best price and I was out of all of my makeup) and there were some questions as to what I got for makeup.

  • Skin Twin foundation
  • Skin Twin concealer- this product blew me away, too!
  • Nectar blush- this is beautiful and will be my winter blush
  • Lipgloss- Magnolia Shimmer
  • Brow Pencil- dark
  • Mascara- This is how I tried the mascara. I bought the makeup set and it came with it!

If you want to check out the makeup set, I will link it. It is a great value and you get clean makeup that lasts.

Favorite Cookbooks

Fall is here and it’s the time when I start pulling out my recipes and cook books. I’m sharing my list of favorite cookbooks.

Favorite Kitchen

I love kitchens. It’s probably because I spend so much time in mine. I saw this one and thought I’d share it because it is so different from my style, yet it is so lovely.

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