Favorite Things Friday 6

I remember back in the day when I used to blog, long before Instagram, and everyone would share products, posts, recipes, or home decor they loved… just for the fun of it. Today, I’m going to share my favorite things from the past week.

white pergola with hanging baskets and string lights over a back patio

Favorite Landscaping Idea

I am really dreaming about how I want to fill out our landscaping.

Landscaping isn’t a “must” with homemaking, but I do love to putz around my yard enjoying the beauty.

I have slowly added a few things here and there like my hydrangeas, peonies and roses and now I’m moving onto other things.

My main goal is to have most of what we plant be things that can be enjoyed for years.

Landscaping your front yard can be pricey, so I try to make as much of it as permanent as possible.

For this spring, I’m trying to find ways to bring in beauty without actually planting it in the ground. I’m sharing one of the ways below!

I would love to have one of these on each side of our front porch steps.

Favorite Home Tour

I really love this beautiful home tour that Andrea shared on her blog.

It has a great color palette with so much warmth.

I love the mix of traditional and modern decor. It is cozy and lovely at the same time.

Favorite Spring Fashion

I am at a crossroads. 😂 It feels so odd and I’ve mentioned it before, but I truly am.

As you inch towards 40, you find yourself not quite fitting in anywhere.

I am not complaining, it’s just how I have felt this season to be.

Do I want to look like a youngin’? Nope. Do I want to look more mature than I am? Nope.

So, I have settled on classic and simple.

That’s what I shall be.

I’m sharing a cute look that I’m loving for spring fashion.

It is simple and not too fussy, but also presentable.

Favorite YouTube Channel

Gardening is on my mind and I am a self-proclaimed newbie.

Eons ago, I had a large garden and toted my babies to the garden in the sweltering heat.

Then, I wasted a ton of veggies because they all came due at once and I was overwhelmed. 😂

So, this year I’m tip-toeing back into it and I am so excited.

I grabbed my GreenStalks, which I wrote an entire blog post about.

And, I’m binge-watching this youtube channel.

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