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GreenStalk Vertical Garden for the Organic Gardener

As an organic gardener who has a small area to have a vegetable garden, the GreenStalk vertical garden is a nice solution to my gardening troubles. The 5 tier vertical garden planter is an excellent choice for so many gardeners who want strong, healthy plants.

potted herbs on a shelf

I have tried my hand at so many types of gardening.

Truth be told, I do better with planting roses and peonies, but I love having fresh food in our back yard.

There were years that I had a large garden in my back yard which did well.

I couldn’t keep up with the excessive amounts of weeds or the bugs that managed to find their way to my plants right before they were ready to be harvested.

In this home, we lack space to have a large garden, so I tried to grow plants in clay pots.

I shared last year how to grow an herb garden in pots.

The larger plants did fine until they outgrew their containers and couldn’t stay moist enough to thrive.

This year, I am trying the GreenStalk for the first time and I am looking forward to trying new ways to grow a crop.

I have a master gardener friend who recommended this system to me because she has several of them and they produce like crazy for her.

Let me square away all of the reasons that I am excited about using my 5 tier GreenStalk vertical planter this upcoming growing season!

petunias in a container garden

What is a vertical garden?

Vertical gardening is typically done by growing foliage up a trellis or growing foods in a tiered system on the side of a wall.

Not only does this conserve space, but it can also be used to create a beautiful, vertical wall of greens or flowers.

basket full of green and red vegetables

Who needs a vertical garden?

Anyone can grow a vertical garden.

It’s not limited to any one type of gardener.

It works great for those who have a small space to plant flowers or foods.

They gravitate towards vertical garden systems so they can grow plants without taking up a large amount of yard space.

Vertical gardens are also great for people who struggle to garden on the ground.

strawberries growing in a vertical planter

What are the benefits of vertical gardening?

There are so many benefits of vertical gardening, but the main one is that you can grow a lot of food in a small, compact space.

Vertical gardening can add privacy in certain circumstances and allow you to grow a wider variety of foods or flowers.

Many people notice that their plants do much better and are healthier when they are grown in a vertical system because the are less likely to experience disease.

They are off of the ground and don’t get as much ground splatter from the dirt, which can cause issues for the plant.

flowers growing in a greenstalk planter

What makes GreenStalk Planter the best for Vertical Gardening?

The best vertical planter is the GreenStalk vertical system.

You can use the code QUICK for $10 off of your purchase!

It is a tiered garden tower that has planting pockets in each tier where the gardener plants the seeds or plants.

A common problem for any type of gardening is getting the perfect amount of water to each plant.

GreenStalk stackable gardens have a patented internal watering system great for all types of plants from foods to flowers.

There are different sizes of GreenStalk planters and it is customizable so you can fill all of the tiers or just a few and still get a great crop.

Not to mention, the GreenStalk will eliminate the need to weed the garden because they are lifted up off of the ground and it is more difficult for weeds to take hold in the GreenStalk.

small plants growing in a vertical planter

How does the GreenStalk Garden Planter work?

The GreenStalk garden planter is a tiered system made from pvc-free plastic with stackable planters that is simple to use and can grow a lot of plants.

You start with the bottom tier and fill the bottom of the planter with a cubic foot of high quality, organic potting soil to the top level of the tier mark.

Each tier has a line indicating how high the soil needs to be.

Add your starter plants to each pocket. You can add 1-3 plants per pocket, depending on how many plants you have and how much food you want.

Each tier comes with a watering disk that sits in the center of the planter and uses a slow drip to give the perfect amount of moisture to each pocket.

This eliminates the excess water that a gardener often finds a problem with regular container gardening.

The entire system will be planted this same way. You will plant your larger plants on the bottom tiers and save the top tiers for the smaller plants.

At the very top of the vertical garden planter you will add the top water reservoir. This is what ensures each plant gets the perfect amount of water.

If you have a set up that requires you to move your plants to get ample sun exposure or less sunlight, the GreenStalk has a GreenStalk mover that goes under the planting system so you can move your garden as needed.

five packs of vegetable seeds

What can you grow in a GreenStalk Vertical Garden?

You can grow almost anything in the GreenStalk vertical garden from flowers to a wide variety of vegetables.

Large vegetables can be grown in the bottom tier– potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, sweet potatoes, green onions, sweet peppers, and onions.

Save the top tiers for smaller vegetables and flowers, such as a variety of strawberries, flowers, basil, cilantro, and thyme.

This is the best vertical garden system because it is moveable, customizable, and it has optional plant supports for those plants that require extra support, such as tomatoes.

What plants do best when grown vertically?

Most plants grow very well in a vertical garden as long as they have enough space in the individual tiers to grow.

harvested carrots laying in a pile

Are GreenStalk planters good for the beginner gardener?

GreenStalks are perfect for the beginning gardener because it allows you to grow lots of plants in a small space and the watering system takes the guess work out of watering the plants.

What makes the GreenStalk Stackable Planter different from other container gardening?

The GreenStalk is the best vertical garden planter because the tiers sit on top of one another, making it a great choice for small spaces.

You can grow small or large plants in the gardening system.

Each tier has 6 planting pockets that can hold one to three starter plants.

You can even get a GreenStalk plant support which surrounds the tiers so you can support those larger plants, such as tomatoes, as they grow.

The best part about the GreenStalk is the watering reservoirs that feed each tier exactly what the plants need.

soil spilled out on the ground

How to choose the right GreenStalk system

There are different sizes of the GreenStalk vertical planter for the gardener to choose from.

  1. Original GreenStalk Garden Planter- You can choose a 5-tier or 3-tier GreenStalk original vertical planter which works great with all types of plants. The planter pockets are 10″ deep, which is enough soil depth for plants big and small.
  2. Leaf GardenStalk Planter– Or, you can choose the new Leaf vertical planter that comes with the same 3 or 5 planter tiers, but the pockets of each tier are made for smaller plants that don’t need their roots to go as deep. The depth of each pocket is 7″, which is ideal for smaller plants. The Leaf planter works perfectly for plants like leafy greens, root vegetables, strawberries, flowers and herbs.

How to Organize your plants in your vertical garden systems

When planting your plants, put the seeds for the larger plants in the bottom tiers.

By putting these plants on the bottom tiers, they can grow and get large and full without shading out other smaller plants.

Add the smaller plants to the top tiers so they can get the sun they need to grow strong.

GreenStalk Vertical Garden video

I shared an entire video featuring my first GreenStalk and my upcoming plans for our garden.

If you want to see the planter in action, be sure to click the button below.

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