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Today was a typical homeschooling day for us. Aside from the weekly piano lessons, we were home all day.

This is the much requested “Day in the Life” post that I have promised I would share. As homeschoolers, we tend to stay around the house most of the day. Our mornings start slow and lead into several hours of school around the dining table.

Lunchtime usually hits around Noon and the menu is either sandwiches or leftovers. When you’re a homeschool mom, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I like to keep lunch simple.

During the “rest time” hours, the older kids finish up their independent school work while the younger girls play and read. This is the time when I can sit down and do things I need to do. Sometimes, that means I do some work for social media. Other times, I’m flipping through a cookbook for dinner time inspiration.

On this day, we left for the afternoon for piano lessons. Supper followed shortly after- lasagna, homemade bread, and a chopped Caesar salad. After dinner time, the kids wash up and we all prepare for bedtime.

Enjoy our video:

I hope you enjoyed the Day in the Life video and post.

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