Best Pajama Sets for Women in 2022

It’s easy to forget about how we look once we get ready for bed in the evenings.  It’s even harder to know where to get elevated sleepwear when we decide to add some to our wardrobe.  Today, I’m sharing the best pajama sets for women in 2022 to help steer you in the right direction.

best pajama sets for women 2021

I never paid much attention to my sleepwear prior to this past year.  Every evening, I’d put on my 15 year old sweats and t-shirt from high school and go to bed. 

To be honest, I was never too impressed with pajamas I’d see when I went out shopping and I didn’t realize what amazing brands were available online.

Last year, I got an itch to update my pajama situation to something a bit more elevate and pulled together. 

My current sleepwear, at the time, was sloppy and lacking in any attractive quality what-so-ever.  That’s when I did some digging on the web.

When I dove in, I found some beautiful options that proved to be a major upgrade from what I had been sleeping in prior. 

I’m excited to share the best women’s pajamas today and why it’s so important to invest in a high quality pajama set, or two. 

I will even be sharing a few budget buys that fit into any budget!

mom of four in a soma modal robe

Why Elevated Sleepwear is Important

Having on sloppy sleepwear might be easy, but there are some elevated sleepwear brands that offer incredibly comfortable pajamas that will make sleeping even more enjoyable. 

Some brands offer pajamas that can even help deal with nighttime sweating and alleviate the heat trapped next to your body while you sleep. 

Not only are there physical advantages to wearing high-end sleepwear, but there are emotional advantages, too. 

Being presentable, even when hanging out with family in the evenings or going to bed feels so nice. 

A simple pajama set that isn’t ripped, faded, or thinning in the rear can create a feeling of being classy and a lady.  It just feels right.

Best Pajama Brands for Women

In doing so much research, I found several sleepwear brands that stood out of the crowd. 

These brands had multiple pajama sets for women to offer and they all had rave reviews. 

I even grabbed some pajamas for myself to try and review for you! Let’s get into it so you can find the right pajamas for you! 

1. Soma Sleepwear

Soma is a brand that offers several options for sleepwear- cool nights fabric, cozy fabric, satin, and silk.  Their patterns and different colors Soma presents are vibrant and they come out with new designs every season, which keeps things fun and fresh.

Soma’s Cool Nights breathable material offers a soft, dreamy fabric that helps you stay cool and keeps the pajamas from sticking to you at night, which means you get a good night’s sleep.

They also offer a Cozy Collection that features a brushed look to the fabric, while being relaxed on the body and, you said it… cozy. Soma’s Sensual Sleepwear consists of lace, silk, and satin in classic cuts and beautiful colors and patterns. 

Top Soma Picks

soma cami best sleepwear for women

Cool Nights Lace Cami and Shorts  The cool nights fabric is perfect for hot sleepers.  The lace detailing and pretty fabric make this set a perfect choice for filling a pajama capsule.  The top and shorts come in different styles and colors, too. I own these and they are the most comfy pajamas I own. I look forward to putting them on at the end of a long day.

soma chemise best sleepwear for women

Modal Chemise- If you haven’t worn modal before, you simply must. The fabric is out of this world soft and it, also, keeps you cool at night.  This chemise is simple, feminine, and luxurious at the same time.  I own this one, too, and I love how classic and comfortable it is. The length is perfect because it is long enough to cover while sitting on the couch watching a movie before bed, but it is short enough that you won’t get tangled in it while sleeping. It is one of my top picks, for sure!

2. Lunya Sleepwear

Lunya Sleepwear pairs their effortless designs, that drape and hang in such a flattering way, with the luxury of a washable silk and modal fabric. 

These pajamas truly are a splurge in the best way and a great idea for a Christmas gift for a homemaker or birthday gift for your list.  

The modern pajama sets that Lunya offers come in multiple styles- shorts, slouch pants, t-shirts, tanks, spaghetti straps, and more. 

A major bonus for these silk pjs is that the silk is washable. No more taking your silk to the dry cleaners. 

The color palette for these silk pajamas is earthy, peaceful, and shades that will never go out of style.  Like I said, some pajamas are worth the splurge.

Top Lunya Picks

lunya washable silk pajamas for women

Washable Silk Tee Set- These are the best silk pajamas, in my opinion.  The way the fabric casually hangs on the female frame is lovely.  The tee also drapes over the bum to add an extra layer of modesty.  

lunya washable silk tank set womens pajamas

Washable Silk Tank Set This silk set is perfect for the summer time, when the warm weather arrives.  The fabric is luxe and cool so you won’t get hot in the middle of the night and you can count on getting a good night’s sleep.

3. Eberjey 

If you’re looking for a classic, incredibly soft pj set, then Eberjey is your brand.  The modal fabric that is used in Eberjey’s most popular style of pajama set, Gisele Pj Set, literally feels like  the most buttery fabric when you are wearing it. It is classic and luxury all rolled into one.

Eberjey pajamas have multiple colors and patterns, but the classic piping detail on the sleeves and pants of each pj set is iconic for this brand.  The fabric is made so that it holds its color and shape without piling or fading, which means you will have this set for years and years to come.  

Top Eberjey Picks

best women's pajamas eberjey gisele pajama set

Classic Gisele PJ Set- This is Eberjey’s classic pajama set that everyone raves about.  It comes in multiple colors, has a chest pocket on the front, and is made of a buttery modal fabric. These are the most classic, stylish pajamas that will never go out of fashion.This set comes in a long-pant set or in short sets. 

eberjey rosalie dressing gown

Rosalia Everyday Robe This robe is, hands down, the most elegant and ultra-feminine robe with the lace detail on the hem.  The robe is made of modal and is a lovely addition to their Giselle pajamas. This dressing gown is on my wish list!

4. Lilysilk Pajamas

Feel like splurging? Lilysilk has a large line of 22 Momme silk sleepwear in a wide range of colors.  This company keeps the styles elegant and classic with silk nightgowns and silk pajamas.  While Lilysilk is a bit pricier, the silk is high-quality and they often run sales on their pajama sets.

If you’re looking for the best silk pajamas and dressing gowns, Lilysilk has you covered.  From the selection of styles- long sleeves, short sleeves, chemises, nightgowns, robes- to the dozens of colors available, you will find what you are looking for. 

The 22 Momme silk used in these garments is of the highest quality and sourced from local silk farmers in China.  The quality ensures that these pajamas will last and feel amazing on your skin.  

Top Lilysilk Picks

best pajamas for women lilysilk pj set

Lilysilk Best Seller  This set has full-length pants and long-sleeves and is made with their signature silk.

best dressing gowns for women lilysilk silk robe

Lilysilk Dressing Gown This robe is a great option for covering up arms and adding an extra layer of warmth.  

Budget Pajama Sets

If you’re looking for a cute pajama set, but you want to keep it under the $50 range, there’s plenty out there!  I am going to share a few budget buys to help fill out this list of great options for women’s pajamas.

Target PJs-

This Target satin pajama set is a great start to elevating your nighttime wardrobe and it’s only $25. The Stars Above brand has a lovely light pink satin set with black piping, as well as, floral prints.  

best women's pajamas target pajamas for women

If you’re looking for a long pants set, this traditional blue set will be a comfy and cozy set for the cold winter nights.  It comes in at under $30 for the set.

Walmart Pajamas-

Walmart always has some budget buys.  This 2-piece silk-satin set comes in three colors and is made of a silk blend.  It is priced at $17 and is a major budget buy and a good place to start if you are adding to your pajamas, but don’t have much to spend.

llbean flannel pajamas for women

LLBean Pajamas- 

If you’re looking for some basic flannel pjs, LL Bean has some shrink-free options.  Cotton flannel pajamas have a tendency to shrink, no matter how careful you are with washing them, so getting a good set that doesn’t shrink is important.  These would be great as matching family Christmas pajamas and also for those colder months. They are priced at $69. 

What to Look for in Sleepwear

Flattering- The entire point of purchasing new sleepwear, except for the comfiness factor, is to be presentable, even at night.  It’s important to have what you’re wearing be flattering and feminine. Each of these brands offers pajamas that are attractive, modest, and ultra feminine.

Long-Lasting- When purchasing new pajamas, you want to make sure your money is well-spent.  If you are going to buy high-end sleepwear, then you want to enjoy it for years to come.  These brands use the best fabrics which will give you years of use.  

Comfortable-  Is there anything worse than taking your structured day clothes off, only to have pajamas that cut into your waist or don’t cover you well?  Each of these options has comfortable fabrics that will glide against your skin and comfortable cuts to their styles so that you don’t have any squeezing or pulling when wearing them.

Options- It is nice to find a brand you love and stick with it because you know it “checks” all of the boxes.  When you know the styles and sizes will fit you, it makes future purchases easier.  Each of these brands have multiple options for sleepwear styles.  That means when you find one you love, you can fill your pajama capsule with items from that shop that are sure to work with your body and sleep needs.

Best Dressing Gowns

Dressing gowns are, sometimes, looked at as a thing of the past. I’m here to tell you that every woman needs a dressing gown.

Many people call them a robe, but robes are typically something you put on after getting out of the shower.

A dressing gown is something you wear over your nightgown or pajamas when you lounge around in the evenings or sip your coffee in the mornings.

Either way, they are definitely something to keep on your mind for a pajama capsule.

Last fall, I got my first dressing gown and I am sold.

They allow me to curl up on the sofa in a nightgown and still be covered. They have been so nice to throw on when our home is chilly.

I was a skeptic, but now I am a believer in them.

the best women's dressing gowns the best women's robes

Soma’s Modal Dressing Gown

Soma’s modal robes are soft and casual.

The long sleeves and length will work on both tall or short people. They sell them in classic colors and are easy to throw on.

Soma does sell their robes in both a long and short version.

Luyna’s Luxurious Short Dressing Gown

This washable silk robe is lightweight, perfect for summer, and has cinched wrists so the arms won’t get in the way if you’re getting ready in the morning while wearing it. This oversized, slouchy robe is made with 100% silk.

Eberjey’s Gisele Tuxedo Robe

This classic robe comes with the Eberjey signature piping and is a short robe that pairs with their pajama sets. It is made of modal fabric and has pockets.

I hope this round-up of high-end and budget women’s pajama options was helpful for you. Any of these brands are excellent picks for filling your pajama capsule. If you have a brand you love, leave it in the comments!

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