Simple and Cute Outfit Ideas for Church

Every Sunday, we load up and head to church. It has been the biggest part of our lives for decades now. Today, I’m going to share some simple and cute outfit ideas for church.

girl in peasant dress with mustard yellow tights

I grew up in a small, country Methodist church.

The men wore slacks, button downs, and usually ties.

The ladies often wore skirts, dresses, and a small heeled shoe.

Almost all people who came to church wore their best for that morning.

Somewhere along the way, things got super casual. I went from wearing a sundress to jeans and flip flops.

While I don’t think what we wear reflects what is in our hearts, I have found myself gravitating towards presenting myself a bit more formally the past few years when it comes to church.

girl in a green dress with polkadots

Maybe it’s a maturity thing or maybe it’s a style thing.

What I do know is that I do think it’s important to come to church prepared, inside and out, to worship.

Now that I’ve shared a bit of the evolution regarding my Sunday style, I am going to share a few outfits that I wear to church on the regular.

maroon blouse with eyelet detailing

Capsule Church Outfits

I’ve shared several times about having a capsule wardrobe and how it came about that I now have a capsule.

My capsule wardrobe for my weekly outfits is the same as my capsule for church outfits.

Regardless of whether I am preparing my simple summer capsule wardrobe, cozy fall capsule wardrobe, or my winter capsule wardrobe I make certain that I choose items that can be worn on Sunday for church.

The whole point of a capsule wardrobe is to have pieces that you love and can wear without much thought.  

girl in a black mocneck and black jeans

It’s about combining and mixing and matching pieces in fun, unique ways. 

You can make your capsule as big as you’d like, but keeping things pared down to those items you love is what makes a capsule work.

I like to have 10 tops, 4 bottoms, a couple of dresses, and a coat for winter. I take those items and pair them together throughout the season to create new looks.

All of the items in my capsule are pieces that I feel really good in. They fit me well.

I don’t feel self-conscious in them and they work for so many occasions, not to mention for church.

girl in a green peasant dress

Capsule Outfit Ideas for Church

Depending on how you want to present yourself, there are several capsule outfit ideas for church that you can put together.

My staple choices for church outfits are:

  • Dress or Sundress
  • Nice denim and a Blouse
  • Skirt with a Fitted Top and a Denim Jacket
black sheer blouse with gold detail

What to include in your Church Outfits

  • Church outfits that are capable of transitioning throughout the seasons
  • 2-3 High Quality pieces that are classic
  • Trendy Items to help your church outfits feel current
  • Simple Shoes that work with a casual or elegant outfit
  • Good Denim to pair with nice Blouses
girl in a long gray dress

Staple Church Outfits that can transition

I live in an area where the weather shifts drastically from summer to winter.

It is important to have staple church outfits that can transition through the seasons.

You can add tights and a sweater when it is chilly or go without them when it is warm.

You will want to pick a couple of pieces to fill out your church outfit capsule by investing a 2 or 3 high quality elegant pieces.

These could consist of a well made skirt that is made to last or a classic dress that can transition and won’t go out of style.

Having these items means you’re ready for all of those special occasions, such as Easter and Christmas.

girl in maroon blouse and dark denim

Trendy Church Outfit Ideas

There are always those trends that pull you in and they are hard to resist.

Whether it be the maxi dress from a decade ago, baby doll dresses, or the current peasant dress trend, these are worth adding to your closet in small amounts.

Trendy outfits aren’t the place you want to sink a lot of your money into, but they are fun to enjoy for a season while they are popular.

Adding a couple of pieces like this will help make your wardrobe feel current and you will look forward to wearing them.

orange paperbag shorts

Casual Church Outfit ideas

While I would like to wear dresses every Sunday, I struggle to find dresses that I truly love.

That means that I often am a bit more casual than I’d like to be.

The goal when picking a casual outfit for church is to make it as presentable as possible.

Choose denim that is dark, blue or black, in the winter time or white in the summer time.

You might want to opt for denim that doesn’t have much distressing or holes in them to keep the look elevated.

Pair your denim with a nice blouse and jewelry to give your look a bit more impact.

dark denim on a girl with a black bodysuit

Nice Shoes for a Church Outfit Capsule

Some people love to add shoes to their wardrobe, but I’m one that likes to pick a high quality shoe and wear it year after year until it falls apart.

Pick a shoe for the winter and a shoe for the summer that can be worn with any church outfit- casual or elegant.

You might need a few other pairs to round out your shoe closet, but you only need to invest in a couple of pairs that will last.

The rest of the shoes, such as a leopard print bootie I purchased several years ago, are just for fun and won’t be a shoe that I keep in my closet for decades.

detail image of a green peasant dress and a gold necklace

Church Outfit Items to be prepared

Depending on your church, it might be extra hot in the summer or extra cold in the winter.

Be sure to carry along what you need to be prepared.

Whether it be a simple cardigan or a heavy sweater, be sure to have those items tucked in your closet for when you need them.

girl in a black blouse with gold detailing

Sample Church Capsule Closet

  • 2 High Quality Staple Dresses/skirts
  • 3 Trendy dresses/skirts
  • 2 pairs of nice denim
  • 4 Elevated seasonal blouses to pair with your denim
  • 2 Extras, such as a denim jacket or a cardigan/sweater
  • 2 Nice shoes, such as a good bootie and a nice heeled shoe

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  1. I really enjoyed this article, thank you!! I love how you said that while our outside doesn’t necessarily reflect what’s on the inside, you still find it important to be ready for worship, inside and out! I come from an extremely traditional background where there was a lot of emphasis on the outside – and maybe not enough on the inside! As silly as it might sound I’ve genuinely struggled to reconcile the balance now as I’ve found freedom from “religion” in a true relationship with Jesus. I very much agree that I want to be well prepared, both inside and out, when going to worship the One who is so worthy of my best, in all the ways! ❤️ This article encourages me to think more about the appearance of me and my family as we head in to church! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!!

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