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If you are familiar with Midwest autumns, then you know layering is key. The mornings are crisp and cool with the afternoons warming up a bit before the temps drop again in the evening. This is my favorite time of the year to dive into my closet. I love fall colors and knits are right up my alley. I’m going to share a couple of simple fall must haves as you prepare your closets for the new season.

1.Layering pieces- I love a good denim jacket to layer over colorful flannels. This is perfect for hanging outside on the back patio when the kids play. I also love collecting cozy cardigans and button down sweaters to layer for a less structured look. The key to taking a casual look like the one above and making it more of a “date night” outfit comes with the details. The gold necklace and earrings definitely make me feel fancier and more put together. Both of them are from one of my favorite shops, Sela Designs.

2. Cozy Knits- Nothing makes me happier in the fall than cozy knits. I feel like the sweater is the adult version of my college sweatshirt. Since the temps vary, I like to have looser knits and heavier knits to choose from. I tend to stick with neutrals, but as you can see, I do throw in a few fallish pops of color.

3. Light Jackets- It’s not quite cold enough to wear both a sweater and a heavy coat, so a simple layering jacket like the one below is perfect for fall. One thing I love about my green bomber jacket is that the inside lining is slick, making it easy for me to wear a sweater underneath without feeling like I’m in a straight jacket. If you aren’t someone who likes to have a jacket hanging around, choosing mock neck tops like the one below is great because it keeps the shoulders and neck warmer than a traditional sweater that leaves those areas bare. My earrings are also from Sela Designs.

4. Nail polish- Here’s the deal, nail polish isn’t a must have, necessarily, but it always makes me feel more intentional about my outfit. I feel more adult and pulled together, even if I don’t get to polish my nails that often. I don’t have a brand that is both healthy and that has staying power, so I won’t recommend a brand, but I do love this perfect steel blue shade pictured above. It works for both fancier evenings and casual days. It is one of my favorites.

That is my roundup of items that I think are quintessential for autumn here in the Midwest. It’s all about layering, being cozy, and still having flexibility if a random warm day blows in. Obviously, scarves and boots are all part of the season, too, so don’t forget those!

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