Simple Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2021

Summer is a time for being outside and enjoying the sunshine, but in some areas of the world, it’s quite hot. Having a great capsule wardrobe can make choosing a summer outfit easy. Today, I’m going to share my simple summer capsule wardrobe for 2021 to help inspire you as you add pieces to your closet!

mother in a white tank top with blue and white striped pants

We live in the Midwest where summers are hot and humid. I love the heat, but if I’m not dressed appropriately, the heat can get the most of me. I’ve learned how to dress in a way that helps me feel pulled together, but also stay cool.

I always want to choose wardrobe items that can transition from the hot outdoors into the cool indoors. That can be tricky when it’s 90°F outside and a cool 70°F inside. But, with a few simple items, it can be done.

As a homemaker, my wardrobe needs to be easy to wear and move around in. I have to cook and clean and I don’t want anything too restricting. I also want it to transition from home to other places, such as a run into town or church.

What to look for in a Summer Capsule Wardrobe

  • Fabrics– Summer is a time for light and airy fabrics, such as cotton and linen. Both of these fabrics allow the body to breathe and the breeze to flow through.
  • Colors- I prefer a neutral color palette that doesn’t absorb the heat from the sun, such as white, blush, and chambray. If you like more color, by all means add it in. Other great options for summer are neons, oranges, and shades of blue.
  • Looser fit– Tight pieces of clothing can feel even hotter when out in the sun. Looser clothing allows more air flow and they don’t stick to sweaty skin as much.
mom wearing a blue and white striped blouse with butterfly sleeves

5 Summer Minimalist Wardrobe Staples

  1. Leather Sandal or Mule– Leather sandals or mules are a classic shoe that looks great with everything from casual denim shorts to a sundress. When creating a minimalist wardrobe, having a shoe that is versatile is important so you don’t clutter your closet with ten pairs of shoes. They are also great for a capsule because they transition nicely from daytime to evening.
  2. Sundresses– Sundresses are a great summertime wardrobe choice because they are feminine, elegant, and allow airflow. When picking a sundress, grab one that is simple, such as a striped dress, and one that has more pattern so you can mix it up. It’s also good to look at the straps. Is there enough of a strap to cover a bra strap? If you’re a strapless bra kind of gal, you won’t need to worry about that. Another tip is to look at where the sundress hits your leg. With a summer breeze, you want it to be long enough to not blow up when outside, but short enough to not make you hot.
  3. Loose fitting cotton pants– Gaucho pants came about years ago and they used to be a sloppier version of what you will find in the stores now. The patterns, fabrics, and lines of gauchos can be very chic and flattering. Look for cotton pants that are flowy and have a mid to high waist to make sure your hourglass shape is accentuated. When clothing is loose on the bottom, you need to have a cinched waist to balance things out.
  4. Good Denim Shorts– Every summer wardrobe needs a good pair of denim shorts. I have two pairs that I rotate between. One is more casual with some distressing and the other has no distressing and comes a bit further down my leg. Choose a short that works for your shape and invest in a pair that won’t loose its shape when worn.
  5. Denim Jacket– A jacket might not seem like a summer wardrobe item, but it is great to have for the summer months because you are going from hot to cold environments often. A denim jacket adds structure to an outfit, isn’t heavy and hot, and can easily be thrown in a bag for later. This wardrobe item’s main purpose is to cover your arms when you are in the air conditioning.

What clothing to pair together for a Minimalist Wardrobe

In order to keep your wardrobe minimal, you need to have basic items to pair together to create a quick look. When you rotate between the same items, it makes sense to make sure they are clothing pieces that you can wear with other capsule items and clothing pieces that can transition from one occasion to another.

Ways to create wardrobe looks for your summer capsule wardrobe

  • Flowy Blouse and Denim Shorts– This look is a great way to add some color to your look with the blouse, but keep it basic with the shorts. The shorts will be able to stick around from year to year, but you can switch up your style with a different blouse.
  • Sundress with Leather Sandals– Sundresses are stand alone pieces that are simple and flatter almost any figure. Whether you like a flowy dress that is in the tunic shape or a 50’s style dress that has more structure, they all look chic and presentable. Pairing a sundress with a leather sandal is a perfect way to round out the outfit.
  • Flowy Pants with a basic White Tank Top– White makes sunkissed skin pop. I love wearing white in the summer because it doesn’t absorb the heat from the sun as much and I can wear it with any pants in my closet. The best pants for summer are anything cropped and anything flowy.
mom wearing a white tank top from target and gaucho pants from american eagle

A Tip for Wearing White Tops

A lot of people avoid wearing white because they don’t want their undergarments to show through. The best tip I ever got for hiding my undergarments with white is to wear skin toned bras and underwear.

Many people make the mistake of wearing white bras and underwear with white clothing, but it still shows through because you see the line between your skin and your undergarments.

If you wear bras and underwear that match your skin, you won’t see the line as much, if at all!

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